Assetto Corsa wierd knocking when stationary

First of all, I can not for the life of me find some decent FFB settings for Assetto Corsa. It feels just straight out plain awful. On ACC I feel my FFB settings is very good, not hard to find good settings there. But in regular AC, I just dont understand it. For example there is absolutely no steering center force. When letting go of the wheel it just stays in the direction you let go. Jeeez… And just jolting around and so on. Feels like you are flying in space in a ufo with absolutely no contact with the ground and hitting space debris from time to time haha :joy:

And also, this is very strange. If I turn the wheel when stationary, then it is this wierd little “knocking” or “jolting” sound and feeling from the FFB. Really annoying. But its only in stationary. And also only in regular AC. Not in any other title.

I have the content manager, custom shaders patch and the sol installed. But I have to say, I feel its very difficult navigating around properly in there :joy:

I have obviously searched around for settings and so on. But there is just soooo much everywhere :joy: I want some decent settings for cruising and blastning past cars in for example LA Canyons. And I also want settings for drifting​:+1: But… I have come to the conclusion that I need help doing this :man_shrugging: Anyone, pleeeease HELP me :joy::joy::joy:

Yeah, dont forget the wierd knocking/jolting sound thing I mentioned :thinking: I hope and think this is just crappy FFB settings doing this :joy:

If there are some angels out there that decides to help me, well… Then I would need some very good screenshots of everything to be able to understand what and where I must adjust things :joy::joy:

Btw, one other thing. Would you recommend the SOL or the PURE ? :flushed: Just recently also discovered a thing called PURE to get the graphics up. Dont know which of them is the way to go to get the best looking graphics :flushed::man_shrugging:

Peace out my fellow sim racers! :sunglasses::ok_hand:

You should check the assetto corsa thread, there are quite a few settings for the ffb, added last month.
Regarding SOL or PURE. Sol is already excellent, and Pure is prettier but with much less fps.

This is due to the reworked DirectInput Damping and friction effects in the latest firmware release.

Improved version is in beta testing and should be released next week.


There are few good settings shared on AC thread, you might try those. I’ve based my settings on those and am really happy currently with AC’s FFB.

Graphically SOL and Pure don’t differ that much, it’s more a question of using slightly different algorithms to calculate colors, lightness etc. where Pure code is more “modern” and true to life and also easier to work with I suppose.
Pure is still in pre-release state. I think you will be happy with either compared to the plain AC.

Thanks people! :sunglasses: Got it working and now the FFB kinda feels like a “real” car and not a ufo flying in space without any hope :joy: