Assetto Corsa Competizione


If I turn Reconstruction-filter off, I can feel some subtle front-tire lateral scrub effect in ACC but, the bump effects are way too harsh and raw; any amount of recon-filter seems to remove the scrub effect. I’ve tried adding inertia and that may improve it slightly but, has anyone found a good solution?


rcon 8 gives indeed a bit more overschoot / oscilation but the problem really is in acc itself it oscillaties a lot specially when you have a light weight wheel rim like a 900 gram formula rim.

this game oscillaties like no other even from its startingpoint

so i need a lot off added damping, friction and inertia. and even than it doesnt even fully fix it here.
and you dont want extra damping friction and inertia in this game. because of the build in gyro / damping in the game physcics.

your wheel actually become too slow too control the car. its the worst ffb game at the moment imho.

@mika doe you think my 10.000 ppr encoder could also be a limeting factor causing more oscilations ?


To be honest the feel of feedback is completely subjective to the person using it and what their expectations are… as well are the Strengths used so I don’t think you are missing anything or don’t understand something it is just that there are multiple methods to get to similar or same results depending on how the game handles its FFB output.

To answer your question:

The SimuCUBE strength slider will set the maximum possible Nm that your wheel will put out, so yes when you lower the SimuCUBE at the Configuration tool to say 40% if your Servo is set up for the full 20Nm you would only be allowing your wheel to hit a maximum of 8Nm.

That being said in many cases you can get the same feel at the wheel by either raising force in game and in turn lowering it at the wheel. i.e. 100% at the SimuCUBE and 25% in game would be similar in strength at the wheel to 25% at the SimuCUBE and 100% in game. since the actual ratio of the signal to the output would be the same. Which method is better depends on the way the game handles its Feedback output.

In iRacing because of the way the system works it is normally best to have the SimuCUBE at 100% as for AC I am not fully versed on how they determine their feedback values to the wheel but the last I heard is that they take one Car/Track Combination as a baseline and everything is above or below that baseline which means that having the gain at 100% in AC will cause significant clipping of the stronger cars… Problem is I am not sue what the best gain setting would be in AC to allow for full range…

On my set-up when I do run AC I generally leave the SimuCUBE at 100% and then use about a 60% gain.

Just a note your system at 12.5A ay 100% is a little short of Maximum capability as 12.86A is 20.01Nm on a Small Mige. at 12.5A your max is 19.45Nm.


I’ll mention my thoughts on the question posed to Mika… I don’t belive that the the 10,000 PPR encoder has any direct effect on the amount of oscillation received however, a higher resolution count encoder “could” make it easier to tune out the oscillation due to more accurate filter application… In practice for me it takes less filtering to remove unwanted effects when using a higher resolution encoder.


I have a large Mige with SinCos encoder and 300mm Sportline rim with Ascher paddles (haven’t weighed the package, but it’s not particular heavy). In AC I get pretty severe oscillation when stationary with DI damping on 100 % in Simucube (it goes away once moving). But in ACC, I get no oscillation at all with comparable settings. Is the difference in my experience and SKeijmel the encoder, large vs small Mige? Running 15amps on Simucube and 50 % gain in game.


Because it is essentially different games they very well could have done internal tweaking causing the difference… Severe oscillations at standstill have been an issue in just about every game as the physics models for some reason don’t seem to be interpreting things right and therefore the damping systems built into the games go crazy… With iRacing you essentially turn off the in game damping system completely to get rig of the stand still and some moving oscillations. I know AC did an update at one time that solved the issue. so I am not sure what if anything they have done to ACC


That’s what is strange to me. ACC for SKeijmel results in what he describes as “oscillates like no other even from its startingpoint”—but that is the opposite of the experience with my system. Can’t just be weight of difference steering wheels. On my system, it is much improved over AC (though AC’s issue on mine is only when at zero mph).


@bsohn the problem is born here. if imposed simcube to 40 and at most will give 8nm … in the game I put 70 … even in the maximum peak of telemetry I do not exceed 8nm (in the ffb bar is not clipping). Also attaching your comments a gt3 arrives even at almost 30nm. with my settings the steering wheel is already hard, I do not think that in reality with the steering servo is 3 times harder. it is from here that I believe the signal is not linear but compressed


what encoder do you have and hwich motor and how heavy is your wheel aprroximatly ?


So you are talking about reality of Power to that which is coming from the game which is a constant area of debate and really comes down to preference… I have driven past race cars and steering is very Heavy but I usually find that around .6:1 or 60% of the telemetry output is pretty realistic for me in both strength an fatigue level i feel… that means that telemetry putting out 30Nm puts out about 18Nm at the wheel… however with this if you turn down the SimuCUBE at the Configuration tool the most you will ever feel is what you allow the wheel to output so if the SimuCUBE is at 40% of top power you will NEVER get more power than 8Nm ever.

I have no clue as to iff ACC compresses the signal or not…


I have a large Mige with SinCos encoder and 300mm Sportline rim with Ascher paddles (haven’t weighed the package, but it’s not particular heavy). Running 15amps on Simucube and 50 % gain in game.


Also, running Recon 1, zero Simucube damping, friction, or inertia, and 100% DirectInput damping.


I don’t see signs that DI Damping is having any affect in ACC; There is almost zero resistance in the wheel at stand-still - no matter how much I turn the effect up.

Both my son and I notice that the S.A.T. in ACC FFB seems to be very linear; that is, the resistance level during cornering remains quite constant whereas other titles tend to give a more progressive feel leading up to the threshold of grip-loss.


The thing DI damping does do is add even more oscillations


I had that before the hot-fix but, not since then and now there is not much - if any, affect on the standing steering resistance, weird.


This is weird, Dean and SKeijmel. I’ll try turning DI damping off in a bit and see what it does on my end. Indeed DI damping does result in stationary oscillations for me in AC, but it is worth it because it seems to be beneficial on track where it matters. But maybe it is different in ACC.


Ok. There definitely feels like a real difference between DI damping on zero and 100 %, both stationary and on track. It is not as profound a difference as in AC, but it’s there. On track, turning it off necessitates turning up some Recon filter (I played with 4 and 8). Otherwise it’s pretty chattery and jolting.

Still not experiencing oscillations, though. Maybe it’s the large Mige and its natural damping and inertia.


It’s a thought that I have no place with AC, even if I actually use the same settings.
I posed the problem of confrontation with reality, just because I often follow your interventions, with the settings I have on ACC seems to me that the steering wheel has a nice consistency, I also tried to increase but really then it really becomes a fight, even just turn the steering in the corners. I’m not small … 1.85mt per 100kg.
So I find it impossible to regulate the game just to have 15nm, which would be twice what I have now, it becomes untraceable.
Returning instead to telemetry, at least expressed in iracing, the driving force of a gt3 should have peaks of almost 30nm, it seems to me that ACC is impossible to try a 1: 1 or even 20nm


So it seems Kunos have acknowledged that the ACC FFB has an issue that is affecting the FFB with - at least, some wheels and they will work on a fix for the next release (Oct.10th iirc). The primary issues I see raised by players are with slow wheel response / sluggish SAT performance and lack of front grip-loss feel.

I’ll be focusing on playing other titles until the next release but, I very much look forward to seeing how things develop with ACC as it has great potential based on the EA so far, imo.


The developers have acknowledged there is a problem with the dampening in ACC. Which might explain why some ppl can’t feel the effects of the DI dampening at all even at a stand still. While others feel the effects while stopped and on track.

Personally I only feel it while stopped and not on track. Monitoring the Simucube configuration tool’s DI status indicators while on track it only lights up while stopped and goes off after 30sec and stays off until I stop. Maybe everybody can do the same to see if the DI dampening indicator turns on when stopped and/or running or not at all.