Assetto Corsa Competizione


Finally got it to run quite decent a part of it was making a setup for the car.

42% gain ingame

don’t use any of the direct input damping it creates even more oscilations.

and don’t let go of the wheel you will still get oscillations.
adding more daming friction and inertia doesn’t help here with small mige and 10.000prr
it still does it and the wheel becomes too slow for this game.


So game-related ffb issues then, Seb. I was hoping to give this a try, but will rather avoid it if/when the ffb is better.

Plus, I anyway have to wait as I am using VR…


the ffb is actually oke the only problems are if you dont hold the wheel. another guy i know has a sincos encoder and doesnt have the problem as bad as me, maybe my 10.000 prr is a limeting factor here in this very oscillation sensetive game when i let go of the wheel @ high speed at the straith.

Do you think it would be worth for me to upgrade to a biss-c ?
And its still best to buy it early now for half price than full release price in 2019 Q1


@SKeijmel, i confirm , no oscillations at all :wink:


It’s a 10k encoder problem. I used the exact settings Seb uses and did have a problem could let go of the wheel at high speed and it stayed centered. Not a problem with the Sincos. Problem of oscillations are made worst with low fps. It looks like to me ffb gets better with high fps


what motor and encoder do you have?


Sincos small mige same as yesterday on discord :slight_smile:


what motor and encoder do you have?

@Ippai oops i was ment to qoute him :smiley:


I suspect some of the issues people have with the FFB in ACC may be due to the way that the tire-model has been updated. I think the tire-flex, heating and aero all combine to make the FFB much different than it feels in AC but, also more realistic and many are missing the detail they had in AC.

I still think the dampening effect is somewhat over done in ACC; we should have a bit of margin to tune for more detail and it’s easy enough to tune-in some dampening for more realism. I do think the handling and FFB is better because of the flex and aero updates but, the lack of FFB-adjustment is putting some people off because it’s just too different from AC.

I found that using a small amount of friction helped to soften the spikey bump effects near center and now the FFB feels very good overall, more like in rF2 but, with a bit less surface detail / more like RaceRoom FFB although, that tile offers very good adjustability in terms of grip-loss effects.


Hotfix now out. Supposedly fixed the damping issue with the FFB. Couple OSW users on the ACC forums have confirmed it and said the FFB is lovely now.


I’m wondering, are you also loosing desktop center spring after exiting from the game?


SimuCUBE desktop centering spring is only active when there are no effects left running in the FFB effect memory on the device.

Does ACC show any running effects? See advanced tab.


Based on OSW user feedback in ACC, I wonder how the results differ among FFB opinions. It seems that my FFB pre and post ACC hot-fix, remained exactly the same while some players using non-SimuCube OSW’s reported major changes post hot-fix.

I suspect Kunos are keeping the FFB in ACC basic for now (focus only on physics-based effects) to provide a baseline for development and they may be creating profiles (presets) specifically designed for the various wheels. Without getting into a debate of which is better (AC vs ACC FFB), it’s a bit hard to know if what I feel in ACC FFB is what it’s supposed to be but, one thing is sure about ACC FFB; it’s different than AC’s.


there are no real changes in ffb it might be a tad smoother and less quick oscilation on lower res encoders. 10k ppr small mige here.


I would like a quote from @phillip.vanrensburg and @bsohn if possible (I very much follow your comments on FFB in other forums too, and I find them really interesting and helpful).
On ACC I use settings in the 100% FW (small mige 12.5A) of strength and in the 27/28 game which develops a credible force for me.
In the official facebook group of the game Aris intervened one of the developers who put me in doubt about my setting, and I wanted to give it a try.
I set in the FW 40% and in the game 70 and I got the same result of strength.
This means that the maximum peak that my steering wheel can have is less than 10nm. In discussions that I read a gt3 comes to have over 25nm in some peaks, is it possible that I already find my settings very strong? What I do not understand?
thanks, and I hope I managed to explain with google translate


@Mika, yes it seems, “constantforce damping” effect is left running after exiting from the game. I’ll report it to the developers. Thanks!


Was on a four-day family weekend away from my PC until today—and was quite sad to read rather critical comments of ACC’s ffb. I finally got to load it up tonight—and it had already updated to 0.1.1.

Maybe my expectations had been lowered by reading the forums without playing the game, but I must say . . . I’m rather enamored of the FFB. It feels really good on my large Mige with very simple settings in Simucube (recon 1 and 100 % DI damping). It is communicative with very subtle cues that definitely aid in car control without becoming central to the experience. It will be cool when we have some more sliders and ini files to play with—but a first release beta feeling this good leaves me highly optimistic for how this will develop.

One thing I did discover pretty quickly is that the default setup for the car is rather dull, and a few small tweaks on the “aggressive” setup made the car more dynamic. Maybe some of the flat, overdampened feedback observed by many is due to a flat, understeer-heavy setup. Don’t know.

But . . . I’m rather jazzed about how fun this sim is in aught dot whatever beta status it is in. Lots of unfinished features (like triple screen)—but that is what early release is about.


I comoletely agree. I have set the direct input damping to 0 and recon filter to 4, but still it feels good at the moment.

I noticed that the setup plays a large role in the feel of the ffb of the car. Much more than in any other Sim.


@MikaI hear a lot of talk about trying the 8 recon filter with ACC. I have done various tests and I have strong oscillations in the straights if I leave the steering wheel. With 3 filter is perfect. Do you know why?


high reconstruction filter values induce lag in the force when the direction changes, and that will make it oscillate more. Adding damping and friction is required to tune that out.