Assetto Corsa Competizione and Simucube 2


Hi, can anyone share the in-game settings and SC2 software for acc?


Yes pls, i’m looking for the exact same, better if somebody has both settings with high torque mode enable and disable, will receive my sc2 today, and acc will be my main game, thanks for replies guys


In game I use 30% gain 540° all other slider to 0% in the true drive software 540° gain 100% recon filter 1 torque unlimited all other slider to 0%


I will test that tonight, i m a longtime simracer but a total dd newbie, a bit afraid of all settings to get on with^^


Many TKS i try it this evening :star_struck:


Sorry…why 540° e non 900°?


Maybe because gt3 cars most likely use 540. I ve never seen one using 900


Exactly… didn’t understand why some cars uses so much wheel range in this game


Seems like there aren’t many of us that are playing this regularly?

I have to admit that I haven’t fired up ACC since trying it out for around an hour, back when it was first released.

I’ve been considering reinstalling it but does anybody think that’s worth doing with the SC2 and if so, are there any decent baseline settings to start out with?


I decided to give ACC a try today and came away feeling impressed with the FFB in this game.

Here is what I settled on after a few test drives and some tinkering.

Vehicle: BMW M6
Circuit: Spa

In game gain: 25%
In game dynamic dampening: 100%
All other in game effects at 0%

I’d be happy to hear what you guys think of the settings and also your feedback on things that I may have set poorly and could be improved upon.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

True Drive update v 1.07

thanks for your setting … very best for me :slight_smile: on Ultimate.