Argon Serial Encoder

Hey all,
I’ve been looking at the Argon drives to control some Motors with EnDat interface. As I’ve seen serial protocols aren’t available for the Argon but the hardware supports them.
This leads to my question:
From the software i can see that the encoder inputs (which probably are also used for the serial encoder) are connected to PC6-9+PB9 of the STM32F205RB.
But none of these pins are connected to an SPI Module.
Are the encoder inputs on J3 connected to other gpio pins of the microcontroller and if yes, to which?

Secondly: In a Question from Jan 19 there was a tease about a possible successor for the argon drivers. Would it be better to wait a little longer until the new generation is released?

Thanks in advanced,

Answer pending on that one, we will need to inspect the schematics. The pins are likely not connected to any other pins.

No replacement is in active development. I wonder where the tease was? I couldn’t find it.

Hey Mika,
thanks for the Quick Response!

If it would be ok for you I’d be very grateful for a screenshot of the microcontroller pinout. That way I don’t have to sift through every file in the Software to see what is in use and connected to what.
That way I could possibly use some modwire to reconnect it to an spi port.

I probably misunderstood Teros comment.

That was in January 2019.

We did some internal prototyping, but not further than that.

Does this mean that the next generation IONI drive with Tamagawa support has also been put on hold?