Any options for sourcing a motor side qr mount - for wheel storage?

Hi, sorry I’ve tried searching around and couldn’t find this mentioned exactly anywhere…

I’m thinking about the most secure method of storing my spare wheel when not in use, and the idea of fixing a motor side qr bracket to one of the uprights of my rig which I could then slide my spare wheel onto does seem neatest / most secure…

…however that dream was short lived when I seemed to discover that its only the wheel side qr that can be purchased separately, and to be fair I can understand why seeing as the motor already comes with the qr so why would you need additional mounts…

…um, so is this a dead end or are there options out there? I often see 3d printing being mentioned with a lot of rig stuff, but dont have any experience there so don’t think thats an option?

Search :slight_smile:

Link to topic : QR-Top-Part Motorside to attach on a wall as "rim-hanger"

And yes, it works great!

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Ah perfect! thank you

My issue was search wouldnt accept ‘qr’ as a term - too short… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: