ACCFFB APP make any difference?


Somebody in our team is crazy about the app that enhances the ACC Force Feedback in the game … I installed it and am not sure whether it makes any difference or not so I’m unsure whether it’s enabled or not … so I been wondering whether it actually helps or not …I have wondered whether Pure Drive already does this well enough or not … I have recently changed to Bonnet cam when driving and sometimes struggle with rear end feeling of the car

I can’t speak to the ACC ffb-app, never tried it. But, in general, a likely cause for not having a good sense of oversteer is often related to Damping. Too much damping (either in TD or ACC-ffb), can cause the steering response / SAT (Self Aligning Torque) to lag behind.

If you are using Damping in both TD and ACC, you can overwhelm the oversteer response, and feel like you are chasing the back end to regain control.

Thx for the response …i must say in hindsight …this ACCFFB app is supoosed to give the SOP(Seat of Pants feeling) specially when it comes to the feeling in the back end of the car …I am not using it because i didnt feel any differance …but having said that the guys i know that are using it all use Logitech wheel bases …possible SC2’s have that feeling already built into the TD app .


It’s hard to say what others “feel” is improving their result, especially with different hardware. I see many players celebrating the ffb in ACC and RaceRoom as being the best but, I don’t get the same feeling at all.

I think part of the problem is that developers tend to minimize the ffb-effect settings for simplicity’s sake, while the range of hardware in use has vastly expanded. It may actually present users with something of a conflict.

There may be cases where the less dynamic hardware achieves better fine detail (Relative to user expectation) than DD-wheels do. With the speed and power of DD, the need for increased wheel control may actually filter out certain fine details.

The space (sweet spot) where we can achieve both fine detail and good overall wheel response / control, can be quite narrow.

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How can you even put these two into the same sentence? :grinning:

Well, there is FFB in RaceRoom.

(I actually secretly like RaceRoom, even if the FFB is somewhat dead)

Neither suits my preference. I like to have some form of understeer effect, besides tire sounds.

I know ACC has some tire-scrub effect but, it comes on too late, so I almost never feel it unless I’m drastically over-driving the car. I did try your suggested settings but, just not what I was hoping for.

Here is what I have found.

I have an SC2 Ultimate. I tried several TD online profiles, some good, some not so good.

Eventually I settled on a profile that I made from scratch myself and was getting good times around Spa at around the low 2:19’s.

Then I learnt about ACCFFB, gave it a try. Quite frankly I was amazed at the difference it made to ACC. Made it feel more like rF2, which we all know has good FFB.

Thats not to say ACC’s FFB is bad, but for me personally, it does lack some feel in certain areas, especially understeer/front wheel grip.

ACCFFB allowed me to feel the understeer/front wheel grip.
No matter what settings I tried without ACCFFB, I could not replicate this feeling.

With ACCFFB, I am finding my average lap times on Spa to be around the low 2:18’s.

As always, FFB is such a personal thing, what works for me might feel absolutely alien to you!