A few questions about Simucube

Hi everyone.

I am planning on buying a Simucube + Ioni Pro + PSU.
I already have a brand new small Mige motor.

First of all let me tell you that I am very new to this sim racing world. I am currently building my first rig.
So… I would like to ask 2 questions:

1 - Is the Mean Well RSP-320-48 PSU enough for the small Mige? The NDR-480-48 cost twice the price of the RSP. Do I really need it?

2 - From what I read (very fast reading) the Ioni card is what controls the FFB. Does this mean that the simucube will work without the Ioni card attached? Will it behave as a no FFB wheel?


MW 320W psu should be enough, provided you limit the current a bit on the ioni under setup options.

Anyway, for Granite Devices-based DIY DD wheel setups, the DD wheel cannot work without the Ioni servo-drive controller, nor the SimuCUBE. Both boards are required. From simplistic perspective, Simucube is basically the HID USB interface, Ioni basically the servo power/encoder interface and driver.



Thanks for the reply!
Great! Is it easy to limit the current? Is there any chance I will put the simucube and Ioni card in danger by using an underpowered PSU?

As for the rest…well…I guess I’ll to buy both at once. Thanks.


Most likely the PSU will just drop its voltage low enough so that the undervoltage fault in the IONI will be triggered.


Thanks for the reply. So…no harm will happen to the simucube/ioni? Great.

One last question: which IONI card should I get for this motor? The standard IONI or the IONI Pro?
(I guess the HC will be overkill)

IONI Standard is not suitable, it lacks encoder support and other features that you might want.

Thanks. But the Pro is enough, right?

Yes, Pro is enough for small Mige.


Hi everyone.

I’ve received my Simucube, IONI Pro and PSU. Already have a small Mige motor and an e-stop. This weekend I will mount it in a custom metal enclosure and will use a Noctua 80mm fan attached to the fan output.

I will then follow the wiki step-by-step guide:

Any recommendation or anything I should be careful about?

Also, in the IONI motor parameters (https://granitedevices.com/wiki/Configuring_IONI_drive_in_SimuCUBE) what should I put for a small Mige with Biss-c encoder?


Be very careful to ground yourself properly to the components. Only touch the edge of the boards etc. ESD ( electro static discharge) will kill these components easy.

Be sure to connect proper polarity +/- to the correct spot. Hooking up in reverse polarity will likely kill the Simucube board and Ioni.

While uploading the software keep the e-stop pushed in until it is time to configure the motor.

If you are unsure of something STOP and ask questions. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Joe. Will do that.

The only polarity I can connect wrong is the the fan connector, right (apart from the psu connection)? The motor cable is pre-assembled and the usb is just plug in.

The e-stop is normally closed, right? When I press it…it should break contact, right?

he was meaning psu polarity.
e stop is NC normally closed its red color.

Correct, I was meaning PSU polarity.
If you are on 120v it is also good practice to make sure to have the power and neutral polarity connected to the PSU correctly.

With the fan most times if you have polarity reversed the fan just won’t turn.
The fan bus is only 5v. Some 12v fans work and some don’t. I always used a 5v fan.

And correct on the e-stop.
When button is out you want a closed circuit. When the button is depressed the circuit will open.
Many of the e-stops have NC and NO contacts on them. You can easily use an ohmmeter to select the correct set of contacts.

Ok…first problem:

My Simucube does not have the psu connectors. I have to solder them? Why is it not the same as the stock picture?

That’s not right, it is supposed to come with them.

It will be quite difficult to solder the wires on, as the solder used in these is quite high temp. Some good quality equipment is needed. I would contact Granite for a replacement…

Exactly what Beano said.

I am afraid that one got past quality control.

Ok. I’ve sent an email for support. Let’s see what they say.

Still haven’t heard from support :frowning:

I could get the connector soldered easilly but I am concerned it may void warranty.

Ok…found out something strange.

My simucube board has different connection than the one pictured in the tutorials. I don’t have the PSU connectors soldered…but I have the HV(?) one soldered.

Seems like a different version???
Is it possible?