3rd party products for the SimuCUBE, e.g. button plates & paddles


I’m close to ordering the wheel button plate that is available from Penguin R/C which is designed to plug directly into the RJ45 ports of the SimuCUBE.

I was wondering if there were more commercial products that are available for the SimuCUBE that I should maybe consider before I pull the trigger?

I get there are quite a lot of open source / DIY solutions available but I lack the time and soldering skills needed to make these a reality.



We do not know of any others that would connect to SimuCUBE, but hopefully we will have some improvements on this front sooner than later.

Most of the wheel rims / button boxes connect to the PC via USB at the moment.

Fair enough,

Is there a wiki page of currently available wheel rims / button boxes etc? I think having that would be beneficial to the community as I’ve only managed to find 3 or 4 products out there which come in at an acceptable (in my view) price point.

I don’t think anyone has made a comprehensive list of suppliers of wheel rim & buttonboxes recently. If someone would do it, then of course we would like to have the list linked somewhere.

I close to order a Tilton pedal set from Simtag which is also connect to simucube directly.

I just started a wiki for this. Please feel free to register and help adding resources.


Please tell me what you think.

Very interesting, is there any other pedals available (Tilton is very very expensive) that connect directly to simucube?

Any potentiometer based pedal set OR Pedals that have a signal amplifier for a loadcell or Pressure sensor should work, In some cases if you want to connect directly to the simuCUBE you may have to bypass the standard USB interface.

I still use my Logitech G25 Pedal Set with Modified Spring Rates and a self made adaptor.

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You can of course ad Me… Penguin r/c Simulation - http://www.penguinrc.com/welcome_penguinrc_simulation.html which is who Marlon is talking about.

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Very interesting bsohn, I have a Fanatec v1 set of pedals and, as far as I know, it is quite impossible to adapt them to be connected directly to the simucube (Hall sensors instead of potentiometers and load cell with 5V output).
I saw on youtube a conversion for thrustmasters pedals, but I do not like them.
I could buy a set of logitech, please explain how you built your self made adaptor, it could be interesting for other members as well.

Logitech pedals (in their basic form) use just a potentiometer, thus the pinout can be easily measured and then connected directly to SimuCUBE. I used such an adapter (cut-off RJ45 cat5 network cable, with suitable DB9 connector on the other end) for a long time before getting some high-end Heusinkvelds, and I still use it for clutch.

There are some aftermarket load cell kits also for logitechs. I wonder how they work, i.e. the voltage level of the output signal.

Thank you Mika, so I can buy a basic logitec pedals and connect them directly to the simucube?

From this picture g25 pedals have a 5V voltage, isn’t it a problem for simucube?

Not a problem, as they are just potentiometers and thus can be supplied with the 3.3V from the X11 connector.

This pinout can be used, for example:

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Mika sorry for boring, as you can see in the previous image there is a correspondence between the ps2 plug of the fanatec pedals and the logitech one, infact fanatec sells a converter: https://www.fanatec.com/eu-en/support/product;old_product_id;77.
Do you think it is possible to connect the fanatec pedals to the simucube using this port? That can solve the problem

If the fanatec pedals are potentiometer based, then yes. But I think the load cell amplifiers are 5 V devices in Fanatec systems, so they are not compatible.

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That adapter is used for connecting G27 pedals to Fanatec base (or Thrustmaster).


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Eventually I intend to test a load cell w/built in Amplifier and hall sensors on the SimuCUBE to see if there is enough voltage for enough of a pickup, Mainly because I plan on upgrading the G25 Pedals to Load Cell (already have the unit) and I am thinking about designing a Analog wheel Clutch which would use the Hall Sensor or possibly a Pot haven’t decided yet…

Basically anything that can have a Range of Voltage and NOT exceed 3.3V from the output should work on the analog inputs… The problem is that if the device goes above 3.3V on output you will hurt the electronics of the SimuCUBE and if say you were to use something that normally required 5V on the 3.3V output your usable device range may be cut so short that it acts more like a switch as opposed to an actual analog device.

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much appreciated thank you

actually, The internal connector in SimuCUBE, the same one the Fan connects to, has three 5-volt tolerant analog inputs that can be selected into use in SimuCUBE Configuration Tool. 5 volts can be also supplied from that connector, but not too power-hungry (I can’t remember the current limit for the 5 V regulator.

Im sure there is a good reason but why wasn’t a standard plug that most sim hardware uses chosen? It would be great if someone came up with premade adapters for the common pedals,shifters,etc. Yes I know we can make them ourselves im just too lazy. Id rather be racing and just buy one.