3D Print Simucube 2 Sport/Pro Power Supply Mounts Design Available

Hey all. I designed and successfully printed some PSU mounts for my two SC2 Pro power supplies. I understand the Sport has one of the same power supply, so it should work great too. These are designed for 80/20 profile Series 40 using M8 screws.

Here’s a link with the STL files and some background and pictures…

Also for those interested I also designed a wheel storage option for those of you with the Xero-Play QR. It’s under my account on Pinshape. Other here is the link for direct access…


Can anyone recommend a good place to get these printed cheaply and quickly in the UK?

Im new to getting 3d prints done :slight_smile:

Try https://www.treatstock.com/ They link you up with local 3d printing services. I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s always been quick and pretty cheap. I’m in the US though.

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Recomend you to Just but A 3d printer insted. Lot of things to 3d print in simracing. Easy to setup to get IT going.
I did buy A ender 3 pro and super happy with it and its like 180-200$

Thanks for sharing the 3D printing idea!

I wonder if there is a way to attach these power supplies to an aluminium profile rig without 3D printing involved. Did anyone come up with a good idea to tuck those two (Pro) power supplies neatly away?

If you snuggly fasten the psu:s with velcro-straps around any profile it may do (and also maybe placing some frictiontape between the profile and the psu to make sure they will not glide through), but if you are using a motionrig I think it it may not hold.

As I am using a the SFX-100 DIY motionrig, I plan to place both the psu:s on top of a shelf, which I will make for the motionrig electronic equipment. But I am currently far from finished with that shelf. Currently I have snugged them at place on both sides of my Fanatec pedals.

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Cheers! Velcro or similar would be my make-shift solution until I come up with something more clever. Was wondering about heat coming off those PSUs and material choice.
A shelf…hmm…sounds good. Will have a look.

Please post a pic of the solution you come up with!

I used industrial grade velcro on the back of mine and stuck it to the front of the rig by the pedals on the outside. Works perfectly.


Quick question
Wouldn’t mounting it on 8020 rig couse problems to power supply’s due to little vibrations? Should power suplys be mounted somewere else?
Many thanks

These worked out great. Thanks!


Would you happen to have a link for the HOTAS throttle assembly?
That looks quite nice!:blush:

We need a Show your Rig thread

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Im curoius about flightstick mounting too hehehe and rudders

The HOTAS is this one - https://www.winwing.cn/en/JOYSTICK

Rudder pedals are these - http://simhq.com/forum/files/usergals/2016/03/full-35902-117642-gray_front.jpg

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We need to look at the mounting solutions, your way to hold up all that metal,
By the way, those are Slaw pedals? Looks slim and lots of mounting options

Mounting was a big reason why I went with a 80/20 extrusion cockpit. It allows easy construction of any mount needed. You will see that the thottle mount has 2 hinges, allowing it to swing out for easy Simpit entry. The mount for the center stick is being created this weekend. ( This Simpit is new and has not been used yet!) Also as you can see, the Simpit is dual purpose convertible, for racing/ flight.


Thanks for the links!

Do you have a link where to get the pedals? When I click the current link I just see the pic of them.

It will be nice to see what you think of the HOTAS and pedals. In the pics they look very nice!!

Rudder pedals purchased from a guy in Poland here’s the Facebook contact page (Several month wait)

Also, there is a current wait for the HOTAS. The Virus could add to the delays!

Ok thanks , no worries it will be quite some time before I would be able to purchase.
Money is really tight at the moment.

I am wondering how to mount the throttle, cause the screw is quiet short, do you need any extention bar?