2023.12 testing release

Merry Christmas!

Our team had an outbreak of influenza this December, so we didn’t have time to put together a release that contained all firmware developments.

However, just before leaving the office I put together this package for you to try.

Changes from 2023.10.1 release:

  • Show analog axis values with one decimal point
  • Torque clipping audile notification works again.
  • Offline profile management improvements (alphabetical sorting, and highlighting of last action profile)
  • Audible noise reduction of the motor.

Please send feedback by using the feedback button on the first tab in True Drive or in this thread. This time we want especially feedback from the FFB feel with regards to audible noise reduction work we did.

Simucube 2 True Drive 2023.12 testing.zip



Merry Christmas!

And I wish a happy new year aswell!

Hello everyone,
And merry Christmas,
Just an aside, I’ve tested the new steering centring parameter you’ve added, on assetto corsa it only makes the steering wheel harder when cornering with a slightly elastic effect, it’s not pleasant at all, in any case with this game, probably as you mentioned, it would work better with older games.

This new setting possibility was not meant to be used with AC or games with a functioning FFB. I think to remember it is a solution from Granite side to enable people playing titles like Forza Motorsport in a somewhat enjoyable manner.

It’s either in the TD changelog or @Mika wrote about…or both…

I wish you, family, friends and of course the cat/s a happy new year!

Yeah, lets try to keep focus of the thread on topic. The last additions released in 2023.10 releases and the feedback about the centering spring effect is not on-topic for this thread.

My update was significantly faster than normal.

Sent feedback through the preferred channel aswell.

Hello to the whole community,
Happy new year to everyone and to the granit devis team,
I’ve tested this beta, the engine is super quiet, it’s great, the files are now well organised, to test properly I started again with new profiles, I have the impression that the engine is more ( + ) sensitive in the sense that I’ve had to increase the reconstruction filter, it’s not a bad thing, it suits me very well, so everything’s going well.

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I had a look on the overall feedback we received from this release. There was mostly positive comment and one negative comment (on our Discord) where the user had to downgrade to previous release as the motor had somehow become very odd in the behavior. Me and Tero need to discus that before official release.

Wasn’t it more than one, at least few users reported increased resonance.

it is worth to test or should I wait?

Give it a go, I didn’t suffer from bugs, so you won’t run into any problematic situation.
I myself like to have drivers, actually any software, up to date. So yes, my proposal is to update.

all is fine for the moment, I will wait, no need to hurry up I think

True, just because you asked for an opinion :+1::checkered_flag:

in fact I’m afraid to downgrade cause of some issues, all is fine now

You mean upgrade, not downgrade, don’t you?

upgrade, yes, then downgrade if there is some issues.