X11 - Throttle, Brake, Clutch, no modulation iRacing

So I’ve recently adapted my Logitech G27 pedals to connect to the X11 (upper) port. Configuring the inputs in Simucube, I have set appropriate dead zones for the noise. In iRacing, I set the pedals and calibrate, but it seems the throttle and clutch are either off, or on. No modulation.

However, if I have the Simucube X11 configuration open, with iRacing in the background - I do see modulation in the pedals as I’m calibrating in Simucube. As soon as I exit the Simucube calibration, it goes back to on/off.

As a stop gap, I’ve now got the pedals running through an Arduino Micro, and modulation there is as expected.

Am I missing something in the Simucube, or does iRacing have some tweak I need to make in an ini somewhere to make this function as expected?


Seems it may have been a lack of appropriate deadzones. I’ve paid closer attention and have a truer 0 - 100% reading in the analog setup in Simucube, and see modulation in that configuration. Will see if that is reality back in iRacing.