WRC9 and simucube2 pro

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone is having any problems with WRC 9 and Simucube2 Pro. When in the game i go to set the simucube 2 pro as a controller in the control settings and then the game crashes.

I think this might be the game but just wanted to see if any others were having problems, or if someone has it working.



I dont have the game myself but i watched the streamer Dan_Suzuki play this title with his SC2 Pro the other day.

Check with him, nice guy and will help you.
Below the link to the stream when he played it.

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The developers have been supplied with Simucube 2 wheel bases, so there should not be problems. However, I’ve found out that even after the release, the WRC 8 control setup was otherwise buggy and was never properly fixed…


Thanks for the responses, I will look into it further, I have also sent some data off to the developer, log files etc, so I will post something if I find out. Thanks again.

Same issue here with SC1 and small MIGE.
Interestingly it is possible to define everything when using keyboard setup, but as soon as I use the SimuCUBE OSB as master setting (or what ever they call it) it crashes as soon as I assign a Controller (USB/Bluetooth) only things that worked only assigning the wheel and and anyway from the keyboard.
But it also looks like it is not mixing the settings, because without having a wheel assigned with keyboard as master you have no steering.
In addition I cannot check vibrations (nothing happens when I click the button) or setup the wheel angle (greyed out).

Meanwhile I unplugged also several controllers (Bluetooth steering wheel button plate and Heusinkveld Handbrake) but without any change, after restarting the PC I cannot even enter the SimuCUBE settings in WRC9 as it crashes within a second.

Afaik Jimmy Broadbent uses also an SC1 plus Heusinkveld Padels, Ascher Wheel and he is playing WRC9 since a few weeks.

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Jimmy has Simucube 2 Pro.

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After checking Jimmys’ video and seeing the issue with the Simucube preset, I’ve set everything up on the keyboard preset. However, the inputs feel like controller inputs and not that realistic. For the wheel, I’ve found that the Bakkerud RX profile gives some kind of feeling but I’m very keen to see if anyone develops a proper wheel profile for this title.

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I was relying on Jimmy’s setup listed below the videos on youtube … there he still has the OSW Mige from simracingbay …
But that may explain why he has feedback while I don‘t have any.

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He hasn’t bothered to update the video description…

Crashes immediately for me too if I try to select my SC2 Ultimate


Hi All,

i got this from Dan Suzuki from twitch (see below), it is now working for me just need to setup the sc2 settings into the keyboard profile.

I guess this will work for me now until they fix the issue.


Dan_Suzuki: Hey

yes indeed it crashed for me

Dan_Suzuki: dont go with the simucube profile ingame

Dan_Suzuki: start with the keyboartd profile

Dan_Suzuki: and then customize the axis

Dan_Suzuki: that somehow works much better


see temp solution message :slight_smile:

Anyone having an issue when switching wipers & headlights on & off (using button box), it kills my throttle input & ffb , have to lift off the pedal for a second to rectify it, this only became an issue after the patch on Friday, it happened with wrc8 too initially


@Evo same problem for me.

Hi from France !

I used the @moshi solution to connect my sc2 to the game and it’s works perfectly. Thx !
Can you guys, share your TD and ingames settings ?

Thank you

Turns out the buttons i was using for wipers & headlights were also mapping as xbox shoulder buttons, no idea why, using different buttons on the button box solved it for me.
Still doesn’t save the setup though, have to remap buttons & alter ffb settings every time i start the game