WRC Generations sudden drops in resistance/force -- is it the game or the motor?

Hey guys,

Been playing WRC Generations quite a bit the last days and built a profile which I’m happy with. I do however have a problem and I’m not 100% it is related to the game. This is my equipment:

Simucube 2 Pro
Heusinkveld pedals (can’t recall which version)
Aiologs shifter and handbrake

My problem is this. I have nice resistance/force through most curves, but it has moments where it just releases all of sudden. I have found that it partly seem to have to do with the Self Center FFB setting in the game, but not certain? I haven’t used my wheel that much to be honest, and as you can imagine, when it lets go, I lose control of the vehicle for a sec which is very annoying. It feels like there is something wrong with the wheel, but for the most part it works without issues. The Self Center setting also jerks the FFB every time it switches gear, and it’s sort of the same sensation as when the wheels just drops resistance. Not sure what’s up with that?

I’ve been trying to listen for clipping but nothing explains why it looses force like that. Anyone have a similar thing happen? Is it the wheel or the game?

These are my Simucube 2 Pro settings: https://twitter.com/TakodanTweets/status/1644768595354738690

Its probably the FFB implementation in game somehow bugging out. I find it hard to believe this would somehow be a hardware issue.

Definitely not a hardware issue. It has something to do with their FFB implementation. I have noticed this as well, where I do not in WRC 9 and 10. Turning up sensitivity on the left and right steering axis in game to 1 or 2 help to eliminate this deadspace when the wheel is centered.

I also use increased sensitivity settings for steering, lower them on throttle a little bit. Did you checked the settings from @Takodan in TD? Do you use similar settings?

Thanks for everyone’s effort. This behavior is really odd and I will continue to find an answer. Will test the sensitivity thing when I get the chance.

I don’t think it will solve the problems. Do you have WRC 9 or 10 aswell?

No, only WRC Generations and WRC 7. But Simucube support wasn’t available in the older games.

Yes, 7 is not supported. IMO 9 has from all WRC titles the best FFB.
I saw your settings for the Simucube 2. I don’t know how much you tried out, you experimented. I have a round 350mm rally wheel and wonder why our settings differ so much:
I use 37 percent torque, recon 1, slew rate limitation 20 percent. That’s it. You have a huge amount of damping, friction and inertia. And you also have 100 percent DIdamping, which is a constant working filter in WRC titles.