WRC 8 wheelsettings

Anyone like to share there settings?
Im just on my 3hour testing,so I will post my settings later


Hi, can You share Your settings ? I try to do my own, but still don’t feel everyhing, I don’t feel rocks, and other objects off road, I feel tyre, suspesnion but many objects at the tracks don’t feel.

I put my settings here later tonight.
Directninput in Simucube,100 % . Remove engine and brake vibration,put collision to 15%. 50% strength in Simucube. Try that

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sorry are there any news?

Post tomorrow. It’s working great by the way


Here is the same settings that I use… but I use 60% in Simucube

Great settings


hi, I followed the video guide, but I have problems. when I am in play and from a steering lock to the right or left my simucube returns to the center quickly … I have zeroed all the effects but the problem persists.

Is on rescale in WRC8 steering settings?

Hey Andreas,

Thanks for putting up your ffb settings video, your settings are really good, makes the game feel great!
I’ve been racing in the dirt series titles for a number of years and it is really nice to have some new and fresh rally stages to race on.

Much appreciated my friend :sunglasses: