WRC 8 and SC1/SC2

Is OSW/SC1/SC2 and HE pedals working with WRC 8?

I haven’t yet had a chance to test the release version, but I do know things are much improved from the previous games from the same development team.

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yes pedals pro heusinkveld and simucube 1 small mige work well

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Thank you Herve45, so HE Ultimate should work too.

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And shifter heusinkveld work well
And Button box dsd work well

I hope SQ and H pattern shifters from pro-sim.co.uk works too…

I have simucube with small mige (0.54 firmware) + fanatec club sport v3 pedals + diy arduíno micro handbrake.
In the game control option im able to setup everything but the ffb is the same, strong spring effect, no matter I try to change ingame ffb effects.
Any clue to fix this problem?

Yesterday I noticed that the FF saves are not stored (even if previously was accepted - in fact were 85 and not 100). Creating a new device, however, they remain.
The strange thing for me is that it only recognizes my keyboard and OSW. He doesn’t detect the Frex pedals or the Arc Team handbrake or the DSD button box. And I can only assign commands and force feedback using the keyboard menu because the OSW remains inactive. Then now I’m using keyboard (1).

i’m not able to assign my break pedal of the HE Ultimate on wrc8

This was the solution for me

a new patch is out it should solve input issues

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So HE Ultimate pedals not working properly? Bad news…

last wrc 8 patch solved the issue :+1:

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I shared my SC2Pro FFB settings for WRC 8 on FB

I suspect the spring effect fix, to be released this week in 1.0.10, is going to change something in the FFB in this game.


@Mika are you able to explain in few words how the slew rate limit exact works?

For me this is the game changer nr1 on most of the games. It makes the hard ffb edges more soft and on 0.30 it feels more like you are driving on tires. But it would be interesting to hear from you how this filter works and what it affect on the ffb signal.

Slew Rate Limit
This effect limits how fast the torque is being changed. “Off” (default setting) means, that the rate of change is unlimited and the rate will be as fast as the Simucube 2 servo drive and motor will be able to accomplish. Limiting the slew rate can be useful to soften the driving feel. If the Driver has experience of other DD wheel systems, limiting the slew rate can be useful to make Simucube 2 feel less active.

For what i could feel, it keeps the small details while it soften the high torque edges on direction changes. So maybe there is a curve on how the filter works on the ffb?

it is not based on curve, it just limits the rate of change of the torque signal.


simple but very useful :+1: