Wow magic! Simcube would not Power On and than magically turns on. WTH?

I was just about to post more info about my problem with the Simcube pro not powering on. I was just typing this and magically I hear the Simcube base power on. Just out of the blue. And this is after hours and hour of diagonsis. I was just about to say I checked the Molex plug and each pin is providing 48V of power. So that made me change my mind and rule out it was an issue with the Power Adapter now. So I started doing some research around USB. And about 10 minutes ago I disabled the USB root hub (USB 3.0) in Device manager then restarted and re-enabled. Still no power on after doing this. I also disabled “Allow Computer to turn off this device to save power” in the Power Mangement tab. But again still did not power on. Than quite a few minute later as I mentioned above magically I hear the Simcube base power on. I was like what the heck. So I’m not sure what happened. @Mika any ideas?

Tried a good quality usb cable and different ports?

Maybe, maybe not!!! You can call a personal friend, take the 50i 50i option…or ask the audience (the options from the game show “who will become a millionaire”). It works… you had to spend time to find out why it doesn’t work. Now you should guess why it works??? Philip, your time is precious…

I didn’t think the USB had any affect on it powering on… Being ready for use yes but powering on??.. that seems strange… Is it now powering on and off as normal that it started once?.. I don’t have an R2 version so I know the Power switch has changed I am personally unsure if it is a software relay on/off or a latching push button… Im going to be of no help probably but just whated to brainstorm a bit on the possible reason/cause as that is very weird to say the least.

Simucube 2 wheel base does not start up if it does not get power from the USB.


I can confirm this when my :cat: ripped the USB connector out of my base :rofl:

I knew you are a very clever guy! A shining light on the sky of simracing!! But that you are a genius, a little surprise I have to admit.
To verify your theory I ripped out an USB port, of course strictly based on cientific rules, in this case brutal, uncontrolled and unforseenable force. You are absolutely right, I achieved the same result. Besides, how do I put the computer in the status before the experiment. You forgot to mention those information :bulb:

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