Worrying noises coming from my SC2 pro

Hey guys, for the last couple of months my SC2 has been getting significantly louder performing normal operations. I first ran into this problem while playing Assetto Corsa and running off track in the wheel started making more audible noise than normal. It sounds more metallic then the regular tone that I’m familiar with. Yesterday while playing race room I binned the car and went to full lock and the wheel started making the noise in the video below. I’ve been through all the troubleshooting from firmware updates, reset the wheel etc. This is a October 2019 delivery we also it’s definitely out of warranty, what’s the proper procedure to get this thing corrected?

The noise seems to be coming from the base and not the shaft which I know is installed and I’ve double check to make sure that it’s firmly and appropriately installed. I don’t run high forces really, basically I stay around 12nm and don’t abuse the wheel too much. Any suggestions from anyone?


That sounds pretty nasty. Are you able to remove the wheel and extension shaft to see if it makes the same noise?

I’m wondering if that vibration is being amplified through the extension and making it sound worse than it actually is. Once those accessories are removed, you’ll be able to check the tightness of the main hub.

I have to break it down tomorrow when I get home. The sound is definitely coming from the motor housing from what I can tell, it gets louder behind the ddu. I’m really just looking for a way to contact granite. I purchased from dsd who no longer has a relationship with granite so there’s that😐

If it were me, I’d check the tightness of the main hub using this guide and see if that noise still remains before fitting the extension back on.

Is there is still a problem I’m sure GD won’t leave you behind. I’m not 100% sure but I think the warranty was for 2 years so hopefully you’ll be taken care of :slightly_smiling_face:

Good luck and hope you track the issue down to something just having worked slightly loose.

Edit: I forgot to add this video so you can check the QR


Thanks Paul, will have a look and try when I get home, thanks for the help!