Wiring for Simucube Led


I work for see the four LED outside the box:

But the Wiki is wrong, the good configuration:
Pinout 3:
6: GND (Left)
5: ???
4: LED 6
3: LED 5
2: LED 4
1: LED 3 (Right)

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It’s work properly :+1:

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Hi Pascal

Thanks for pointing this out.

The pinout to the wiki was taken from the schematics, which have the names to the pins as in the picture. The PCB silkscreen has the markings you describe.

I’ll fix this into the wiki shortly.

The pin 5 of the header is connected to an IO of the mcu to enable one more LED. It needs external series resistor, and it’s currently unused.

Kind regards,

Yes I use external resistor.

I like use tool or fonction currently unused… :grin:

I want you to implement the same function as “Enable Force Led” in MMos.
Clipping Led I just want to ask for it.

I think there already might be one, but i will add it for next release.

Thank you Mika.
I am looking forward to being implemented.

Since rFactor 2 and AssettoCorsa have a Clipping App, it is okay, but since Automobilista does not have Clipping App, I am looking forward to it.

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I’m new to the OSW and very much in the planning phase (and waiting for parts to arrive from the various suppliers)…

I’m just wondering what the LEDs actually indicate? Are they user definable or are they pre-defined and indicate various conditions?

I have just added clipping led functionality to led 4. I hope it is the same led which the Mmos firmware used for that. Also another led lights up when SimuCUBE is waiting for the encoder index point and goes out when it is found. Other than these, we are open to suggestions.

The leds are not user configurable.

When do you release the 0.9.6 firmware?
I can hardly wait.

Need to sort out other things first :slight_smile:

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Anyone able to provide any guidence on the simplest way to connect from the LED header to a set of LED’s with the appropriate level of circuitry protection to prevent any damage to the simucube board ?

What functionality would you expect from the extleds header? Currently they do not do anything.

I was thinking mainly basic system health, power to board, fault indicator, clipping.

Be nice to extend these onto a front panel of an enclosure, or alternatively pass to a button box, or status indicator somewhere more line of sight within a normal rig.

Primarily so you can easily see if there is an obvious problem.

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For me, the 2 leds more important are IONI LED’s
If it’s possible for transfer to LED 2 end 3

Would require to re-implement the led blinking code also to SimuCUBE firmware. Unlikely to be implemented.

Also, why would a general user be interested in faults, as there should not be any faults, ever, after initial setup for average user?

General user don’t know the existence of LED and don’t see the fault code.

But for user work all the time for new set-up, it’s important to see the LED.
My box is always open for see the IONI’s Led.

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