Wireless Wheels Disconnecting and reconnecting

Hi guys, I have a sim room with 4 sc2 pros. 3 of them had wireless simcore STD-24 button boxes on it. and one was usb wired in.

I recently got a new wireless simcore wheel and i moved one of the old wheels to the machine that had the USB wired wheel.

Now im getting random disconnects and reconnects every minute or so with the machines are i did the wheel swaps on.

Ive tried new simucube software and firmware and even downgrading, ive deleted folders and uninstalled truedrive but it seems simucube always remembers wheels even though i have clicked the forget wheel permenantly.

Its really frustrating :frowning: i even put a new sc2 pro on its still doing the same :frowning:

any help would be appreciated

Depending on the distance the rigs have between each others the old wheel might register with the SC2 Pro it was used with before. Did you remove the wheel you moved from the SC2 it was used with before? I believe there is something like “forget wheel” or something like this

Yes tried to forget on the software but the thing still remembers :frowning: machines are 2m apart from each other.

Ive even changed wheel bases and and wheels to brand new units still same. is there a away of totally removing the software or i need to format this pc?

The wheel pairing information is stored on the wheel and on the wheel base, so no amount of pc software reinstallation will help.

Can you contact our support and send us some debug event logs when the wheel is 1) click and forget and then 2) when that same wheel is powered on again but it should not connect but somehow still does connect?