Wireless wheel not connecting - Not firmware related

Hi everyone,

When trying to race today my wireless wheel (BB Ultra) doesnt connect. The beep sound comes and the wheel shortly (0.5sec) pops up in the “Simucube Wireless Wheel” section in Truedrive sometimes just showing “Name”, “Mac” and “Signal Strength”, sometimes also showing “Connection” and “Battery” (see details below). I managed once to connect the wheel and it showed “Battery” = 3.38V but none of the buttons were working. After rebooting the SC2pro, I am again not able to connect the wheel.

Name: BB-Ultra
Mac: 14:b4:57:3f:af:8e
Signal Strength: 100
Connection: Connected
Battery: 2.00

I was running an old 2020.1 TrueDrive version but the wheel connection was never an issue except for 1-2 times. I left my BB-Ultra button box switched on since purchasing it in October 2020.

What did I try already:

  1. Restarted SC2pro and wireless wheel multiple times
  2. Restarted computer
  3. Toggeled e-stop
  4. Upgraded to TrueDrive 2021.9
  5. Of course pressed both shifter pedals to connect
  6. Checked antenna by carefully unscrewing

What am I missing?


Battery: 2.00

I would try a fresh battery. A new one should report somewhere around the 3.60 volt level

Battery: 2.00 V is “no battery measurement performed properly yet”.

If the wheel has been constantly ON for this amount of time, it is very likely an empty battery.

Thanks @EsxPaul and @Mika. This was the issue.

Do you guys normally switch off the button box or you also keep it running?

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I do switch mine off when I’m not driving. Then I shortly verify operation after I turn it on.

I’m still on my original battery since June, 2019.

Similar to Mika, I switch my wheel off every time I finish driving and I’ve been using the same battery for over 2 years.

It turns off automatically if left on.

Yes, it does, but it does use some microamperes of current (wake by interrupt from paddle shifters).

Also encoder outputs might be in a state where there is a 10 microampere or so of current via their pullup resistor to ground.

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