Wireless wheel - no connection - Simucube wireless wheel receiver not detected

Hi guys, Today I experienced my simucube2 PRO R1 has no response to my ascher racing wireless wheel. I have not set or changed anything, it was all working fine yesterday.
Today I found there is no response from my wheel and the Simucube wireless wheel receiver not detected message shown and completely grey out.

Please help , I tried to even updated to the latest driver and hope there is some chance it might work again but no luck.

Please advice…

There will be a firmware fix for this in the next release, which will be released tomorrow.

Thank you, Good to know it will be fixed tomorrow, might I ask how this happen?

For firmware version 2021.11 and later, the firmware is running on almost completely rewritten codebase and runs on top of FreeRTOS operating system inside the device.

Some unforeseen timing issues, I/O initialization issues and other complications, caused the communications with the wireless receiver module CPU to not work as expected in some cases. We only found a way to repeat the issue last week, so thats why the fix hasn’t been out ealier.

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Thank you again, good to know.
It was a bit concern today since it was working completely fine yesterday.
Also your response really give me the confidence of this product.