Wireless wheel cut out - True Drive panel completely blank

I have had my Simucube 2 pro and Cube Controls GT Pro Zero wireless for a week. Probably about 15 hours total work time. Up until today I had no problems.

  1. Wheel cut out in Assetto Corsa Comp. I closed ACC and opened True Drive. The wheel was there and showing as connected, 100% strength and 3.81 battery. Went back into ACC but it still would not work. I looked in controls and reloaded my profile. Still it did not work. Then I tried to update buttons to find that all the button numbers including shifters had changed. I reassigned all the buttons I need.

  2. About 1/2 hour later it cut again. This time when I opened True DRive there was nothing in the wireless panel at all. I don’t mean that the wheel wasn’t there I mean that literally nothing in the panel no “note: only devices that are annoucing…” , no - " Automatic connection mode:", no - “double click device…” and no device list or headings. I closed True Drive and reopenned and the wireless panel was poulated and the wheel recognised. Went back into ACC and button assignments were all wrong (back to original numbers I think).

I hope someone can help.



Now the GT wheel will not connect at all. The wireless screen in True Drive is “dead” nothing can be clicked at all. Not even “clear the list and restart scan”. “Connect to previously connected wheel” is highlighted

If I power up the Simucube before the PC then True Drive does not see the Simucube it says “operating mode disconnected”. If I switch the Simucube off and then back on again it is recognised by True Drive.

I hope someone can help soon.

I saw your support ticket, lets troubleshoot there a bit.