Wireless wheel battery replacement

I’m looking to replace the battery in my Ascher Racing F28-SC wheel. I tried several brands from Amazon but all of them come with low voltages (3.4-3.5V), which caused the wheel to skip inputs. The original battery that came with the wheel (which always stayed between 3.5 to 3.6V) did not have this problem.

  1. Has anyone found good replacement batteries with decent voltage levels?
  2. There are rechargeable versions with lower mAh but higher voltage (3.7V). Inclined to give them a try but not sure if the higher voltage would fry the circuit. I would appreciate it if @Mika can shed some light on this.

Thank you.

Not sure if you’ve tried these but this is the battery that comes with the SRB button box


If thats the voltage when it is fully charged, then it is ok to use. But if its a Lithium-Ion or Lithium Polymer battery, then it will have a voltage of around 4.2 or 4.3 V when fully charged. Those batteries are usually advertised with 3.7 V nominal voltage… The absolute maximum rating for the wireless wheel module is 3.8 V, and any higher than that risks frying the chip in the long run.

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It would help to link to specific products to verify if they are suitable.

Thanks for the suggestion. They’re the first brand I tried but none of the batteries had voltage that’s high enough. Wondering if it’s because they’ve been stored too long in Amazon warehouse and SRB sourced theirs from a different seller.

Thanks Mika for the explanation. These are the batteries I’m considering.

I understand the risk of charging them to a voltage level that’s too high. I have a Nitecore battery charger that can monitor voltage, if I keep the voltage below 3.8V during charging, do you see any problems with the batteries linked above? If so, I’m definitely open to any suggestions you might have.

Thanks again.

i was in the same situation as you some weeks ago and contacted Ascher cause I destroyed my magnets :rofl:.

The support from Ascher told me that you can get all parts by just writing an email to Info@raceroom.com.
Seems like this is the supplier for them.
I also bought a replacement battery as well.

This is the article number for the batteries you need. 76020196 ER 14250


my original batteries from Ascher are all at 3.49V and I have zero issue.
here you will find a very high quality battery.

So it’s ER14250, plenty of those on amazon.

Amazon average quality is mediocre.
The ones I have posted are a very high standard.

Amazon has variety of different brands, mediocre and not, ordering some no name brand from EU shop for US folks with prohibitive shipping cost is quite dubious.

The problem with Amazon is filtering the wheat from the chaff. Sure they may have some good products, but most of the stuff is absolute rubbish when it comes to cheap electro/tech commoditiy items like cables and batteries - and everybody just goes for the cheapest option.

At work we have this conversation a lot

“Where did you get it from”
“Well that’s your problem”

Personally I always get my stuff from local specialists. I pay more, a lot more, but I do get products that actually work and perform to specification.

How is it different from buying anything from anywhere?
Do your homework, check rating, research manufacturer.
The problem with buying batteries online, amazon or not, is that they could be past expiration date and considering rarity of this specific battery kind (seems like they mostly used for dog collars), I’d guess they spent a lot of time on shelf.
So yes, if you have any store sourcing them locally so you can verify that they are fresh, it’s the best way. Specialized Brick-and-Mortar stores become increasingly rare though.

That battery cell is used in some digital cameras or flash units related to those. I was able to verify that at least one camera store locally here carries them, in addition to a Swedish/Finnish general store chain Clas Ohlson.

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Unfortunately neither B&H Photo nor Adorama carry those. :frowning: