Wireless+USB module for SC2 wheels

I believe a new wireless module is already in the works with support for more inputs.

What I’d really love to see is a wireless module that works both wirelessly and with usb.

It does not bother me if the battery life is short, and the USB connection could facilitate recharging.

The number one reason I’d like to see this, is that I think it opens up options for users.

Someone with a fanatec wheelbase, who has an eye on upgrading to simucube in the future, could get a wheel with wireless+USB support as a first step, using the USB cable, and then knowing that when they upgrade their wheelbase - they would get wireless support, that’s a nice incentive for them to buy early, and then once they have the wheel, it’s a constant reminder that when they upgrade they can get rid of the cable.

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The new wireless module is nearing production soon. There will be a version with integrated charger, so wheel manufacturers can put in a USB port for charging a possible rechargeable battery.

However, integrating USB microcontroller to a product with ultra low energy requirements is just not possible at the moment.


Thanks, I guess the flip side would be to sell a USB dongle that acts as a receiver and works with any system - this would also let users buy a wheel in preparation for the future. Might also help existing owners with resale of their entry level wireless wheels as they upgrade to more feature loaded wheels.

Think an active usb port is more stable than a wireless wheel. Wheels with display which use software like Simhub may suffer input lag through wireless and the weight of batteries that are lasting for an acceptable time period might have an impact on the wheel balance. Don’t know if it make sense to have a Simucube and then having an entry level wheel (what is that for you?) anyway

Agree that once a display comes into the works the power and data requirements start to climb.

I do believe entry level wheels have a critical role in helping people get on board with the simucube ecosystem, but I think I understand what you’re getting at with your comment about what’s the point of a nice wheelbase and a cheap wheel. (I’ve often thought the same about the sport vs pro)

I guess my answer is, I know not everyone can afford the best, especially all at once - if a person could get into the simucube platform with a sport and a super cheap wheel, I believe that’s still a better experience for them than the competition, and it opens the door for buying better wheels in the future.

I also think it’s better for all of us if more simucube’s are sold.

Hi! While driving I found out that for me is best to use almost no filter and 50% torque of the sport. I don’t use old cars except some Indy and F1. In game ffb is totally depending on situation. I bought a sport because the max torque plus in-game ffb above 50 ends up in filtering, dynamic force reduction Aso. There are cheap but good wheels and vv. The Simucube is so good I am convinced that Granite sells whatever they are capable of producing. To add more usb would lead to more stuff connected, therefore data would go from a pedal Fe to the Simucube and then to pc. That is sure more complex and a bit senseless. Wheel, black box…cool. BUT: always good to bring up new ideas, solutions!!