Wireless steering wheel + Joy2Key

I currently use wired steering wheels and have the buttons under the JoyToKey mapped in them. When I change the steering wheel, I don’t have to reconfigure the buttons.

If I change the steering wheel to wireless, will JoyToKey recognize it?

yes it works well for me

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Yes, Simucube Wireless Wheel buttons (and in future, other functions) are in the same game controller as Simucube wheelbase itself.

but what if windows “game controllers” doesn’t recognize all buttons from the wireless wheel?
Of course if I bind them in iracing directly, they work just fine.

I have simline button box and 1 rotary and 2 buttons are not recognized by windows (it lists 32 buttons, but none of them ticks when I tests mentioned inputs).
And problem with this is that I wanted to use joy2key to be able easily switch wheels in iracing but I can’t do it for buttons that windows doesn’t se in game controller properties.

Also feature requests… please, please, please add possibility to map keys between wheels in true drive. It’s just begs to be added to make users much happier. Simagic has it :slight_smile:


The 32 button input limitation is just in the default Windows control panel applet. Joytokey does see all buttons, as well as all games. You can you alternative software if you need to know which button number is activated and when.

For mapping keys between wheels, we would be limited to just the Simucube Wireless Wheels. Default mapping should be a good match for many wheels, with just some additional function difference being different. You can also use “use custom controls for this car” to make use of different wheel mappings.

wow, that’s a fast response time!

if joykey recognized all the buttons, I would not be posting here :slight_smile: It also list only 32 buttons so I don’t know how to bind them there and thought maybe it’s simucube specific problem.

I know I can “use custom controls for this car”, but the point is I want to be able to use whatever wheel I want and with default mappings it’s painful. Basically only shifters works fine, but buttons/rotaries etc are totally out of place.
I have round and GT open wheel, and I like to use both for some cars, hence a problem.

I understand that True Drive mapping would be limited to wireless wheels only, but it still would be very nice feature, especially for people like me that uses only wireless.

Anyways, from what you wrote it’s more like joy2button “problem”, but it should be easier fix it after your info about this windows applet “32 limit”.


Ah, you are correct, JoyToKey does not detect more than 32 buttons. I did not know this limitation exists also in that software.

so bindings in next True Drive release ? :slight_smile:

edit: Also joytokey has option for up to 128 buttons. Just found it’s under options and that will help me, but still… in new release please :smiley:


This would be a several weeks worth of development and testing. Not on our roadmap at the moment.

Use simhub for this instead of joytokey. You can map your wheel inputs to key bindings

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BTW, there were some reports that recent changes to this plugin sometime breaks FFB on Simucube.