Wireless Module...do they still exist?

Im looking for the wireless module that would plug into the SC1 board. I am hoping to eventually run some wireless wheels and want to make sure I am good to go with everything.

Simucube 1 and the wireless addon module for it are discontinued.

Simucube Link Hub will be soon sold also separately and that can be used to use Simucube Wireless Wheels.

Would that link hub work with the SC1?

Link hub will be agnostic to the dd base being used. It will link to the wheel-rim itself. So if you have a compatible wheel and the link hub, it can be bolted to a Lenze servo, for all it cares :wink:

So yes, you’re good to go.

Ok great, then i cant wait. Hopefully it releases soon.

Will the link hub work with say an ascher wheel or cube controls wheel? Just wondering

Yes, all Simucube Wireless Wheels are supported.

I always knew that Simcube is like a religion or God…
/s (since you use the word agnostic in your answer instead of independent)

Good to read however that Simucube still support in some way their discontinued products!

Not directly related question or may be it is.
So the new gen SC3 wheels won’t be using BT wireless but some form of through the shaft communication, correct?