Wireless custom BP

I have my own button plate design. Can I make it wireless when I buy the Simucube Wireless Button Plate Module?

Yes. I converted an old Ascher racing buttonbox. It works really good.


Any write up or pictures of the project that you can share? Thinking about converting my old Ascher box as well.

Thanks. :+1:

I only have this: https://dennis.se/photoalbum/index.php/list/0/SimRacing/Ascher%20racing%20C20XL%20steering%20wheel%20button%20box%20mod

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I have it built on the arduino, am I able to do such a conversion?

You just need to solder the existing buttons to the SimuCUBE wireless board.

Just curious?
Who can you buy the wireless module from?

I bought it from racewerk.com.


Thanks Dennis, appreciate it!