Wireless button plate module versions - and where to get them

Hi everyone - first time posting here. My SC2 Pro is on its way to me so definitely excited. Unfortunately, the F-28 Ascher that I am looking for is out of stock. I am therefore thinking of going down the DIY route for a GT style wheel to tide over till the F-28 is back in stock. That said, I am struggling to find the wireless button plate modules anywhere. The only vendor that has it has shipping costs as much as the module itself. Which given we are both in Europe seems quite unappealing.
Also, I see from reading the wiki for the module that there’s a version with the possibility to have an external antenna. This version definitely does not show up anywhere or maybe I am not looking in the right places.

So my questions are:

  1. Does anyone know of a vendor from whom I can get the module (preferably external antenna version) in Europe(Poland)?
  2. Is the difference in wireless strength small enough that the versions of the modules do not matter? i would think not, but no harm in checking I guess.

Thank you!!

Can’t help with your questions but if you’re after a wireless wheel these are in stock as of yesterday :smiley:


Thank you! I did have keep on eye on this. Unfortunately it’s not not my shortlist for two reasons. It’s a bit too expensive compared to the Ascher and it doesn’t have something like a D-pad.

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I also had trouble finding one (I’m in the UK) so had to buy one from Racewerk who were the only ones that had any stock.
Shipping was quick so cant fault them, apart from the cost.

I don’t remember seeing one with an external antenna though. Have you got that confused with the Simucube 2 wheel base as the early versions didn’t come with an external antenna, the newer versions did. I think i was batch 4 and mine has the external antenna. I think the wireless wheel plates have all been the same from day 1.

We are currently selling the wheel-side modules with the external antenna connection as well, and the SKU related to that has been communicated to our resellers. You should be able to get one by emailing them.

Note, that in order to use this version, an external antenna with U.FL connection and with approved characteristics must be sourced by the DIY user.

I stand corrected! Thanks for letting us know Mika.

Awesome, thank you Mika. Will try and trace that.

I am checking with Racewerk as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, can I get the programming tool somewhere?, I have bought the wireless device for the wheel, but I want to program some buttons, how can I get?

It is only sold to commercial wheel builders. Contact our sales if you are such entity. For DIY purposes, reconfiguring the module from factory defaults is not supported.

Build wheel, an sell it, but I don’t have a shop, only sell in forums of simracing, and sell/buy pages, how can we do?

Contact us at sales (a) granitedevices.com to discus further.

Where can we see what you offer?

Here you can see, enter profile, http://p.wallapop.com/i/358994839?_pid=wi&_uid=24184025&_me=mail