Wireless antenna advice


i snapped my antenna for the simucube 2 pro, im sure most wireless antenna will work but is there any do’s or dont’s when it comes to getting a replacement, what is the spec of the original antenna (2dbi? 3dbi? more?).

as far as i understand the lower dbi antenna cover a shorter distance but a wider area and the higher dbi ones are more directional.

anything i should be aware of that may interrupt any signal from wheels, thanks.

The original antenna is this one:


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thankyou. i thought it best to ask.

Any similar antenna will do. However, I think the maximum gain allowed is 2.14 dBi. Any higher gain antenna could of course be used, but you would be making an illegal radio device (in some jurisdictions) by doing so. Unlikely that anyone would get caught by that, though…


even though 2dbi is quite low its more than adequate anyway, ive never dropped off 100 percent signal using the original, i actually just took the back off and noticed the antenna cable was pretty twisted, had no idea i must have been turning the connector all this time, got lucky there, ive corrected it and reassembled and all is fine, stole a 2dbi antenna off my second computers wifi card and that seems to work great. thanks for the help, reliable as always on this forum.

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