Wireless adapter

Is there a way to order the wireless adapter that you put in the back of the simucube to increase the connection with wireless wheels? I am struggling with poor connection

The external antenna cannot be added after the electronics pcb has been manufactured, so unfortunately the external antenna it cannot be added if you have very early Simucube 2 unit.

I have the version it is possible, but I sadly lost it… Can I buy it somewhere?

I can look up the make&model of the antenna later today, however it probably is not readily available in any general electrics shops.

Thank you very much!

The antenna has a standard RP SMA Male connector so as long as you get a Bluetooth frequency external antenna with that connector it should work.



Feels good man…

What wheel are you using? The voltage reported is much higher than mine.

Cubecontrol Formula pro wireless

I really wish the ascher boxes had the ability to run wirelessly or wired. Its a really nice feature to be able to use the wheel wired while it charges then unplug the cable when you feel like it.


USB based electronics are just so power hungry that it is not feasible while still having worry free battery life.

Not sure I follow. What does that have to do with Ascher boxes not having the option to connect via USB?

I think he’s saying the USB cable on the cube wheel is literally just a charging cable for the battery. I wasn’t aware but I’m assuming this means the cube wheel must always be wirelessly connected to be functional. From the description on the site I thought it had the ability to use like a typical corded wheel.

The USB communications chips are pretty power hungry even when not connected via USB. This would mean that your battery would run down much faster even when the wheel was connected only by wireless. It’s not easy to get around this.

Ok I get it. Makes no sense, but ok. Why would the UBS electronics use power when there is no cable connected? :slight_smile: Sounds like crappy design to me.

After 6 months

The battery in Ascher’s wheel is quite interesting in is characterestics. Next Simucube firmware updates will have more reliable low battery detection for these wheels.

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