Windows blue screen and SC2 providing torque

I’ve had a Windows instability creep in last couple weeks where I’ve had a blue screen during iRacing. I doubt SC2 has anything to do with causing it, but question how the SC2’s reaction. It seems to hold whatever torque it was applying when the OS crashed, spinning until I hit e-stop.

Is that expected? Shouldn’t it detect no active USB activity and stop torque?

Hi Lee

Thanks for letting us know about this.

I forwarded this as urgent to our software team for investigation.

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Due to different rates and ways the various simulators are sending torque commands, we haven’t come up with a great way to detect this type of situation on the device side.

I have actually had this issue as well but I didn’t really think that it might be the SC2 until actually about a day or two ago… It may have nothing to do with it but it seems to be also related to iRacing updates… I Ended up dropping out of the Sebring 12Hr because it happened twice before that it was random. Last night during some testing in iRacing AI it happened twice again which is far more than previously… Normally it happened maybe once every couple of weeks.

so it might be a combination of things… but it seems to be getting worse.

The Thing that made me think that it could be the SC2 is that the SC2 NEVER reset when restarting the computer… I left it running seeing if restarting and opening the Control panel would reset the system getting it to stop holding torque but only cycling the SC2 allowed it to open back up…

I am on 2020.7 still and have not upgraded to the latest versions of TrueDrive…

the interesting thing is it has done it while driving mainly but at various times, doesn’t really matter what torque level was being applied… i.e it has done it while sitting in the pits or while going full bore out on the track… It only appears to do it while in car. Otherwise I have never experienced a crash of my system.

That sounds similar. I’m also on 2020.7, never had any problems like this since July, and 3-4 BSOD in last week or two. These are the first BSOD I’ve had on this system in its 3 years.

Same for me with SC2 holding torque all through PC crash and reboot, and having to power cycle SC2. I’d kind of expect it to notice crash or at least USB reinitialization at reboot.

My crashes seemed to be during mid-turn at relatively high force, but could just be coincidence as view changing rapidly which likely stresses CPU, memory, GPU at same time.

There is a “Reset device FFb state” button in Advanced Page of True Drive.
When I faced that problem just push E-stop button, enter TrueDrive Advanced tab, Reset Ffb state and release E-stop

Except that is not useful while the PC is rebooting. :slight_smile:

I understood your problem and E-stop push is for that very reason.
When Windows loads up and you start TD, go to Advance tab and reset Ffb, then release E-stop, no need to Power off SC2 or unplug USB

Just kinda wonder what is the issue… Never had an issue before the SC2, never crashed at all with the SC1 … So it is a very odd thing to me… Wish I could pinpoint it… I have turned off all overclocking to run for a while and see if it still happens (or Not)… I probably will also try going back to my SC1 for a while and see if it does it at all (been wanting to anyway to see how after having used the SC2 for a few months now how I really feel about them in comparison).

Had a same issue today, suddenly while driving blue screen and torque on steering wheel.

It is unlikely that a USB device would cause a blue screen, especially as Simucube devices are not using any special USB drivers.

So a little further testing and I am thinking that it could be more to having marginally stable Overclock’s with iRacing… iRacing is moving processes to more threads which means that more is being done by the processors. as they move more and more it appears that things are happening… Some of this is anecdotal but I have found that I haven’t actually seen issues in the last couple of days after I turned off my overclock… (I will probably bump it back up until I find the edge again) but it appears that systems that might be marginal on stability have the issues…

As for the wheel itself I would seriously look into having some sort of firmware failsafe mechanism that resets the force upon a USB disconnect or unlinking with TrueDrive just for safety reasons in these situations…