Windows 10 or 11?

I have a dedicated racing PC, and I wonder if I should update to Windows 11. Some questions:

Do you guys recommend to do so? And why “yes” or “no”?

Is there hardware known that is labelled “difficult”, is causing bugs Aso?

If I update, what settings you recommend me as “very important”, I have to pay special attention to?

Thanks for your help!! Maybe others are in the same boat, asking themselves the same questions :checkered_flag:

On mordern hardware you should go for windows 11.
I run it since one year without any issues.

Best feature is the optimization for windowed games. Makes it smoother when using borderless.

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I7 11700K totally stable at 5.2GHz
Asus Rog Strix Z590
WiFi Gaming-F
32 GB DDR 4000Mhz
2 SSD Samsung 980 Pro
Aorus Master RTX 3070ti
Be quiet 1000 straight power Platinum
Water-cooling, max temperature CPU 70 degree
That should do it, I hope?

For sure.
Go for it. It is really a great OS. :slight_smile:

It can go to 11.

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Is something broken? If not why you are planning to “upgrade”?
W11 isn’t going to give you any noticeable speed boost at least with anything currently released racing game.

So you can only loose with only a small chance of improving something and loose a lot of time adjusting your existing stuff to the new system.


You are a creepy dude:
“It” can go to 11 sounds like:

3 answers:
1 yes
1 no
1 @Andrew_WOT

@Nrde: is your “no” based on problems you experienced?

Well, I’d say that as long as Microsoft supports W10, there’s no rush to look for any errors. :grin:

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Early W11 I had some issues with some games with crashes or poor performance. Most of this seemed to be related to drivers just taking time to catch up.

Recently moved to W11 again and so far it seems great. Raceroom does seem to have some issue with crashing from time to time when clicking outside game on my fourth monitor. Still trying to track down that issue. Otherwise it’s been smooth.

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No, it’s based on “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”. Additionally there’s nothing W11 is fixing when it comes to playing windows games, you can only loose as there has been game incompatibilities and in general, to me, bad or annoying UI changes in the OS side.

Also when someone says they have been problem free, it’s their experience, they have been lucky, they don’t have the same computer parts as you do etc. So it’s not really indicative for you to have a problem free install also.

But in general, it’s a safer upgrade then any of the pre W10 upgrades for sure, I just don’t see any benefit except getting rid of the constant advertisement that my computer can run W11.

W11 scheduler handles new Intel e- and performance cores proper. W10 doesn’t. So if you are running the latest Intel or AMD chips, I would advise to switch to W11.


He’s running 11th gen. And even for that case you could just disable the e-cores. They are useless in a gaming computer anyway. AMD’s cores are all the same, only that they can be on different ccx’s, but that doesn’t require W11 scheduler.

this was a not so recent test, but I doubt there has been any recent changes in the sims or other programs that would tip the scale one way or the other.

After extensive testing in iRacing environment, I am happy to keep my e-cores enabled, thank you :blush:


He’s not playing iRacing as far as I know. Also no 12th or 13th gen intel.

the original question was.

I answered no, because he will not get anything better by changing, only a risk something doesn’t work as well anymore, trouble of getting used to the (annoying) changes etc.

It’s an I7 11700K running at 5.2Ghz. I decided to not update. Reason: everything is working, all games I have are running without problems, even VR is working in an way I can totally enjoy it. It’s a Pimax 5K plus I bought 2nd hand for 300 bucks (came with a lighthouse 1.0), and surprisingly doesn’t behave bitchy (anymore).
I stick with the “never change a winning team” philosophy.
Thanks for all the information, for answering my question! I now will read the article from the link above, also thanks for this!!

Yes, my reply was aimed at 12th and 13th Gen users, W11 scheduler works well with those. I always keep both e-Cores and P-Cores enables in BIOS. I do disable HT though. That gives me best overall fps in iRacing, running the Varjo Aero.

If you’re on older architecture, no real pressing need to update to W11.

All good, no dramas! I missed the ‘racing pc’ as opposed to ‘iRacing pc’ part. For general use on 11th Gen, no need to upgrade, as you say :wink:

No of course not, never on this board :slight_smile:

Again, thanks to all of you!!