Win11 update and sc2

so today this message appeared in win update settings :
Immagine 2021-10-09 003022
saying my pc doesn’t meet all requirements for win11 and so on.
off course I have no intention to update to win11 untill the end cycle of win10, but i want to ask anyway if someone using sc2 has already done the update, and if so if you encountered problems in regards to gaming and sc2/td compatibility.

The message is most likely related to TPP that you need to enable in BIOS.
I have updated few days ago, no issues with any games, sims or others.


@Andrew_WOT Interesting. Have you noticed any improvement or otherwise in gaming, VR etc? I think i also read somewhere that there is an issue with ryzen systems?

Hi! Are you going to update to 11? Btw, think we also “met” lately in FB in the Simucube group. Possible?
Greetings and have a nice weekend

From what we know, gaming performance on AMD systems is worse, as there is a bug in Windows 11 where it doesn’t read from CPU about information which cores would be the best to run small and quick tasks.

Also, it seems that simply closing the lid on Lenovo laptop is not enough to have peace in mind that there will be any battery remaining on next morning.


More info on AMD problem?

Buy Intel. :grinning:

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No issues whatsoever with the SC2 / iRacing on Win11.

If you’re into VR (Oculus or WMR) then there are a few quirks, but nothing that can’t be worked around. There even are a few new features and for me personally i gained a few FPS too.