Will simucube+ioni pro work with this motor, encoder & psu combo?

I was wondering if this combo would work with the IONI PRO/SIMUCUBE.
Motor is a Schneider SM-100 model, encoder is sin/cos single turn.
Attached the specs (encoder & motor):

Both coupled with a meanwell 350W 48V supply (LRS-350-48)

Thank you!

That PSU has the shutdown as protection feature. Expect careful/difficult tuning required to get it to not shut down.

I will investigate about the PSU.

But other than that?

Also, what power supply would you recommend instead? The RSP-320-48? I see this one does not shut down in case of overload.

Thank you!

We recommend the NDR and SDR series PSUs.

The original Simucube 320W kit was used in the very early days. However, it can’t succesfully drive the popular Small Mige motor at 20 Nm, but close to it. Many people were trying to get the full 20 Nm by overdriving the PSU slightly, and it caused issues. From what I recall, the resellers derated the settings for this PSU so that the 320W limit was not hit, but there had to be slight margin. Since then, we have improved IONI firmware to calculate the power slightly more accurately, which could make things a bit better (and certainly seems to work OK for Simucube 2), but we really haven’t tested if if situation has improved/changed for Simucube 1 - 320W - Small Mige -combination.

Got it, I will try and get a NDR or SDR supply.
What about the motor and encoder? Are they compatible with ioni/simucube?

Can you get the full type number for the motor? SM-100 is a whole series of motors with different options…

It’s this one: sm-100/40/080/p3/55/s1/b0/04
Specs are in the screenshot above
(no brake, sincos single turn encoder)

I don’t see why that would work, but now there is insufficient energy for me to calculate the achievable torque on Ioni Pro and Pro HC. Perhaps @phillip.vanrensburg can help?

I will check sometime later tonight and feedback :wink:

Ok, I had a look at servo-data.

It won’t be voltage-limited at least on the IONI Pro/Pro HC, but it has only 1.32NM/A ratio, which will allow the following torque to be realised:

IONI Pro 16.80NM
IONI Pro HC 23.33NM

For the 23.3NM, you will need a beefy 686W PSU, so I can recommend a 1000W MW unit. Servo will also need to be mounted to a thick front-mount plate, capable of sinking heat away from the servo, as it will get pretty hot, specs are similar to my old Lenze setup.

Encoder will not be ok, we need a 5V encoder, not 7-12V, but I suspect it is not good for this application. But you can always retrofit something suitable in that case.

Also, if we had more current available from IONI, servo could do 30NM, but anyway, 23NM will be plenty for most guys.


Thanks man appreciate it!

You’re welcome, Mate, hopefully you get sorted. I am almost ready to suggest you contact Lisa Zhan and get your hands on the Small Mige (130ST-M10010) with BiSS-C encoder, that will be a significant easier and better solution, monies saved on the Ioni Pro HC and large psu for the Schneider, as well as encoder, will cover that of the Mige servo.

Plus, you can spec the cables to be made-up as well, Lisa is pretty good in that way.