Who would like a motion system by Granite?

Hey guy’s, it’s been a while since my last visit here.

To answer my own question: i would :smile:
Sure i know about sfx100 and although it would be a nice project i’d rather have a plug and play system for a reasonable price and with the Granite Devices quality and passion.

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That would be great.

First they make it open source and let everyone build their own rigs.
Then when it becomes stable after everyone done bug reports and commented how to make things better they make it closed source and make you buy a specific rig.
The rig will then come with many nannies so you don’t die.

There are some blockers:

  • SFX-100 software and hardware licensing terms prevents us from taking direct advantage from it
  • Their usage of Mige servo drives is something that we cannot currently match in cost
  • D-Box owns the patents related to some types of linear actuators.

However, we are constantly looking at things…