Which motor for Simucube + IONI?

Hey there
I’m putting together a OSW.
I’ve decided on going Simucube and IONI Pro as that seems the most convenient to build for a noob like me.
I understand that the Mige is the most popular motor for this project, that however is not available in my country India. If I import it, I pay heavily for shipping and customs. Total amounts to almost 3 times the original price of the motor.
Can I go with a Ysakawa servo motor instead? They’re readily available in my country as they have authorised dealers here.
Please advise.
They seem to have several servo motors available

Not enough information/datasheets on their website to give advice.

I checked the Yaskawa’s official website, and didn’t see any encoders on their motors that would have incremental quadrature or BiSS-C encoders. The have their own Yaskawa encoder protocol for their encoders and servo drivers, which is not compatible with any of our servo drives.

Thanks for putting in the effort Mika. I am now inclined towards the Mige with Simucube 1+ IONI. However just one small concern. I was reading the SC1 vs SC2 page where the SC1 users seemed quite disappointed at the launch of the SC2 thinking that SC1 will stop getting updates.
I am aware that firmware updates have continued to be made to SC1. Will that continue to happen? If yes, for how long? Or is it safer to go with something like VRS DF Pro that is a relatively newer product and will definitely receive updates for a longer time?

I doubt Mika will recommend a competitor product from VRS! lol


I can comment that there are still firmware update(s) in the pipeline for Simucube 1 using “old” build system and firmware project, but unlikely that there will be major new feafures for it. We are looking at how the support for the next wireless wheel module (on wheel side) could be added.

Okay. So does that mean that presently i cannot use my wheel wirelessly with the Simucube 1 using the GD wireless modules?

Yes you can. I was talking about adding support for the next version of the wheel side wireless wheel module.