Which is the best Direct Drive motor? Simucube developers will find out



What is max speed at 48v on the new motors?


All SC2 motors can reach speed of at least 5 revs/second. Max torque depends on speed, graphing the data is work in progress.


How is the inertia? Are they (sport/pro/ultimate) easy to spin when dead like some of the super premium direct drive servos? Not really sure if that matters but I do remember reading some of those premium servos were easier to turn and smoother when dead vs the miges


Thanks Tero,

Can top speed be slowed down via software?
If I remember correctly back in the early days of OSW 200rpm was deemed ideal top speed?

Beano chime in if you remember this.


The Fanatec does run daily cool but I have run it up to 89c in my running on the Beta Model I have… that being said it does have an internal fan to keep things cool… it stays pretty quiet but not always.


Hi Joe,
I always considered 200-300rpm to be the ideal-range envelope, but the only way I could control mine back then was by either psu/voltage selection or servo choice…subsequent testing has confirmed (for iRacing at least) that it covers the preferred range

The new SC2 Ultimate will have an actual slew-rate filter to support speeding up or slowing down the servo to your preference, giving another layer of control over the ffb feedback behaviour. Tero can tell more about that one, but I am damn excited to get my hands on the new beta FW with added filtering, what I saw on that list was exciting :slight_smile:


Hi Beano,

That sounds AWESOME!
Getting the overall speed lower is something I always wished we could do.
I will end up with an ultimate. I will let you crash test dummies work out the bugs first! :slight_smile:

No film of the Giant falling on the ice this trip to see the boys in Finland? LOL

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Can’t remember out of my head, I think it would be good idea to add this info into product specs among other things asked here. They’re on our backlog :slight_smile:

Beano is right, there will be new filters to fine-tune speeds to user preferences. Filters will be somewhat experimental at start, and their characteristics will be fine-tuned based on user’s feedback.


Will we be able to adjust speed on all 3 SC2 models?
It would be very good if we can. It makes things safer when in nasty accidents.


At least slew rate limit is adjustable for all models.


I have done experiments with a filter that reduces torque as function of speed. Testing continues, it probably won’t make it in the first software version.


That sounds interesting.
I would suggest that the default (shipped from factory) should be set to lower speeds. The end user can speed it up to their feel.


The default settings will be somewhat conservative/safe. There’s also new “safe torque mode” that must be deactivated before full power is output.


That sounds good.
We will now have many more people buying wheels that have no clue on setup etc.


We are also planning to do a “easy settings” mode, that hides all detailed settings by default, but of course leaving user access to the details as we know our users love fine tuning too.


Very good thinking!
If only there was a way to have an installer program that would change the windows USB and power settings.
Hopefully iRacing default app.ini file will eventually allow DD wheel use without edit.


Beano mode!
What his settings would be. Just for comparison sake:smirk:


Actually they pretty much have that if you do a new install as David Tucker made changes to almost everything including the Bumpstop Degrees.


will the motors tests and comparisons never be published someday??


It would be nice to see this data and why GD came to the conclusions they did.

I assume these tests led to the 3 motor choices that we currently have in the form of Simucube 2 but the lack of information after all the initial hype is deafening.