Where to order Activepedal?

I’m in Brazil and I’m going to place an order for Activepedal, the stores that ship to my country are:
Digital-Motorsports, Demon Tweeks and Murray Motorsport.
I would like your opinion if possible on which one has a better after-sales service or warranty (RMA) and which would be the most reliable?
Because none of them have the pedals ready to ship, I’ll have to pay a pre-order.
Thank you all.

Of the three you mentioned I only have experience with Demon Tweeks. I have ordered a few times, both with pre and post sale communication that was excellent. Shipping was prompt and I would have no hesitation ordering with them again in the future.

Thanks a lot.

Each of these handle RMA cases through us; and the replacement materials have to travel via customer-reseller-simucube route in both directions to avoid excess taxes and customs fees.


I understand.
Thank you so much Mika.