Where is the truedrive profiles saved?

Hi Guys - I want to format my computer and want to save my truedrive profiles where are they saved to?

Sorry if this has been answered before I searched and couldnt find location details.


They should be automatically backed up into your main TD folder with the name ‘simucubeprofiles.ini’ but if you want to be sure, you can export them manually to a location of your choice by clicking the ‘Export’ box, which you’ll find in the management tab (third tab down).

You only have to export once. All of your profiles will be saved in that one file.

EDIT: You can find the instructions on page 25 of the user manual.

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Besides on disk backup they all are on servo flash memory.

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I didn’t mean to bring up an extra subject.
Meanwhile I have a lot of profiles for different games. Is it possible to sort them into a sequence of my choice? So for example 1. iRacing 2. Automobilista etc. Currently they are sorted by the date when I created them

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Sorry to post on an old topic, but felt like I should instead of creating a new one named the same.

Where are profiles now saved locally since the release of Paddock. I purchased my wheelbase after the release of paddock. I have checked C:\Program Files\Simucube 2 True Drive and there are no local files saved. I would just prefer to have a backup in case of my servo flash losing them.

The firmware flash does not store any profiles but the default profile only. This has changed since the original firmware, as the device was running out of memory when we added new Simucube Wireless Wheel functionalities in 2021. If you use the Paddock, your profiles are saved in the Paddock cloud (if you log in), so you don’t need to worry about local backups.

All your offline profiles and every profile you have ever used from Paddock, be it your own or from the published profiles, are in you Documents/Simucube 2/cachedprofiles directory, if you absolutely want to make additional offline backups.

Thank you! I am backing them up just in case.

For that case, paddock is the best way for peace of mind