When i drive iracing i lose ffb

when i drive iracing i lose ffb and never comeback.
i change game while donturn off sc2 ffb is coming but switch again iracing ffb dont comeback

i dont understand

I turn off iracing and sc2 pro to fix it and turn it back on it’s ridiculous

Turning FFB off in iRacing options - > OK -> turn it back on does not help?

If it does help, then it is some sort of timing issue. Do you have SteamVR?


This happens to me but After an intensive T.s. i was able to find the problem.

In my case, the problem is an USB HUB “Amazon Basics USB3 7 port powered USB Hub”.

Even if the USB hub is “powered” you have to pay attention on what you connect to the usb hub. in my case 3 external HD (1x 2.5" portable powered from usb port + 2x 3.5" with AC-adapter" keyboard , mouse and 2 usb stick. SC2+pedals+wheels on motherboard.

The problem was generated from the USB HUB that causes a complete shutdown to ( ALL ) usb ports on motherboard and USB hubs. Probably a current protection / HDD Data integrity check.

i have to completely disconnect both 3.5 HDD from USB hub and connect it to the Motherboard.
this T.S. cost me 220 euros in HDD enclosure and a motherboard RMA.

Another issues that usb hubs can causes is a incredibly slow file transfer speed of "small size files like .mid, png or files that hame very small size like, 160k or less. “this is because error in data integrity check”.

the problem is not the “windows write disk Cache check”
The problem is not “windows HPET”

if you have one of this issues… expecially very slow file transfer from USB HDD/Stick… check your USB connections and devices.

even if your SC2 is connected directly on the MB… the problem persist because the USB HUB.

Sometimes this happens even if ( usb compatibility mode ) is set to OFF on BIOS, or, in a particular BIOS version.

Sometimes is the windows power plan that shutdown some USB root hubs but, this is very rare.

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