Wheels won't connect to simucube 2 pro

For some reason my two ascher wheels won’t connect to the simucube?

One is B16M-SC and the other one is F28-SC
They used to work, but its been like 2 years, if not more since i’ve used them.

I checked the batteries with a volt meter, and they are at 3.6 to 3.64, so they should be fine right?

One wheel shows up in the true drive, but whenever i connect to it, it disconnect it straight away. The other wheel just keeps showing up and disappearing again… I’ve just updated to the newest software/firmware as well.

Any ideas?

Edit: I’ve tried turning everything on and off, First wheelbase on the wheel, and other way around… No difference at all

Well the battery used by Ascher is not measurable by multimeter. The voltage drops immediately when energy is taken from the battery, the electronics reboot due to low voltage, causing disconnection.

You have empty batteries.

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Cheers! I’'m going to order a new set of batteries then.