Wheels and button plates in EU?

Same here, bought a set of replacement o-rings, but they break the same. Just removed them altogether. Not the best choice of knobs, Ascher has better ones.

Even if you don’t need buttons you still need to shift with something. Sequential or H-shifter depending on what you are driving, but it wouldn’t be authentic or fast to use Sequential shifter with modern paddle shifted cars. Having said that, I was running this configuration for a few months with Fanatec SQ shifter before I could get Ascher button plate.

I agree Andrew - the goal was to convey that the solution could be built up over time.

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Yeah, I got a washer ring sortiment from Lidl or somewhere. The box has enough of them for few years I think.

@JackSC I can use the rotaries without the rubber rings also, although I need to concentrate on the driving so the TC and break balance settings are not used that much anyway. They are ok to use without the rubber rings also.

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Jack, the problem with that approach is that in the end, it’s even more expensive. I’ll just end up with stuff that I don’t really want, just so I can buy more expensive stuff later. In this case I don’t even find the more expensive button boxes very compelling. I mean, there’s cheaper stuff that, by the looks of it, is nice enough.

I would absolutely need a button box anyway. I can’t search for the right keys on my keyboard whilst driving in VR, and it would be even worse having to use the keyboard for shifting. So this means I would really need to get some sort of buttons and shifter, plus a rim of course. I wouldn’t want to buy these things twice just save some money right now.

And just to clarify, this isn’t something that’ll get between me and a Simucube. I will be placing an order as soon as I’ve sorted out exactly what to get and from where. The plan here really is to get my “end-game” stuff.

Thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

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I think the most compelling solutions so far are:

Polsimer or SRC button box. OSP looks good as well, but I don’t like the idea of having my thumbs trapped.

I don’t know what wheel to get here. OMP Super Quadro looks great but it’s slightly too big. I’d rather go for a 320mm wheel. Momo Mod. 30 is similar with the right diameter, but it’s a bit too much in it’s shape. There’s OMP Kubik but it looks like a pretzel. Sparco P310 is a bit less of a pretzel but both are 310mm, which works but I think 320mm would hit the sweet spot for me. Motamec looks spot on in terms of shape and size but I don’t know if I would like the alcantara…

Then there’s Simline with the Porsche GT3 Cup replica. Good price, could work. Great shape to the rim. It’s the Fanatec rim though. I’m not so sure about that. I have the Fanatec WRC wheel and it’s overpriced crap. The alcantara was pretty depressing when I got it and it hasn’t exactly held up well over time. So yeah… I don’t know what to expect from the Fanatec GT3-R rim.

Fanatec also has leather wheel options:

These are better quality wheels than the WRC wheel, which is the cheapest wheel Fanatec has.

A friend and I have both had great luck with Gperformance, we’re both in the US, Gperformance is in Europe and I’m not sure how they do it but our orders get here as fast as most amazon orders - I placed an order for a SC2 Pro Monday at Midnight my time and it was on my door step Thursday at 4pm.

If you’re coming from Fanatec and have a fanatec 3 hole mount, Gperformance also stocks a nice metal bracket for about $48. (Also Granite JUST announced their own mounting bracket, which is also Fanatec 3 hole compatible - though I’ve not see any for sale at retail yet)

I don’t use VR for Racing, but people in reviews have talked about how some wheels have distinctive ridges near some buttons which make it easier to feel which one you’re pressing - might be something to think about for VR. Also I assume you’re ok with a USB cable. If you think you’re going to do a lot of rally / drifting style games, give some deep thought to that before committing - It might be worth a little extra for the wirless button boxes if it means you’re not worrying about a coiled USB cable getting caught on the SC2 Quick release Pin - especially if you’ve got VR goggles on and won’t know if things are getting tangled.

I totally agree with the idea that if you know what you want then it doesn’t make sense to ‘step into’ a bigger solution if it means buying ‘throw away’ parts along the way. Let us know what you decide on your wheelbox, I’ve learned of a bunch of new options here today!

OMP SuperQuadro is 320mm. I have one on BB Ultra and really like it.

Sparco P310 is a very nice wheel, but OMP is more comfortable, I have both. Tried Momo Mod 30 before and it felt weird in hands with not the most comfortable grip.
OMP seems like around 330mm, I have just tried to measure, I doubt you will notice any practical difference between 320 and 330.

Have you done any rallying with these wheels and if so, how did it feel?

No man, D shaped and rally do not match, you need round wheel for that.
Sportline Imola 300 is a very good one, comes in alcantara and leather.

I’ll check out Gperformance. Otherwise I was thinking about Simgrade which is a bit closer to home.

Is it a common problem that the cable gets tangled in the quick release pin? That would be an incredibly annoying problem. I don’t do drifting but I do rallying. Of course wireless would be nice but I was hoping to save some money by going tethered.

By the way, how do you quote multiple people on this board? It gets a little confusing trying to reply to everyone in separate posts.

I don’t know if D shape in itself is a problem. Used to have Thrustmaster Ferrari Integral wheel a couple of years ago and it worked fine. I usually don’t move my hands much. What I’d be concerned about is if it’s comfortable to quickly move your grip up or down on the wheel. When rallying I sometimes shift the grip depending on situation, but this could feel weird if the wheel is oddly shaped.
Nothing wrong with a round wheel though. However the Sportline Imola is too small. I’ve had a 300mm wheel for a few years now and wanted a bigger rim for about as long - never got one because I figured the FFB would feel much weaker.

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Hm, how’s the grip with a leather wheel running high ffb? Leather is certainly practical in that it doesn’t wear out as quickly and you don’t need gloves, but I don’t know if it provides enough grip.

Are there different versions of it? Looking around I’ve seen it listed as both 330mm and 320mm. I guess Andre is right in that it doesn’t make a big difference though, but 320mm is a size I know for sure I’ll be comfortable with.

No niin, kiitos! Very clever function actually, I like it a lot.

I have no problems with button or paddle spacing on mine (in case you meant the top left/right buttons being close to the wheel?), although I haven’t used it for rally yet. The buttons are not as smooth but other than that there’s no difference compared to SRB’s bb ultra when actually driving. Then pinky rotaries are nice and I don’t have to take hands off the wheel when using them.

In any case there’s a price, and it’s a matter of preference for a quality you are willing to pay for hundreds of hours driving.

There you go, sliding down the money pit called awesome simracing gear :smiley: But I really understand, if you can afford it you better get the higher tier gear right away, in the end you will end up with that stuff anyways :slight_smile:

Yeah, I mean those top buttons creating what looks like rather small holes for the thumbs. Looks a bit scary to be honest - will I break my thumbs if I crash hard with high ffb? Probably not, but you know what I mean.
Would you find it easy to change grip quickly? Also, what wheel do you use with it and how big is the gap to the buttons?

I just hope I don’t slide too far down, until I become that homeless guy with an awesome sim rig. :smiley:

For me the gap for thumb is not too small, but of course it’s too narrow if you need to slide your hand up and down on the wheel while holding it with your thumb. I’ve used it with GT cars only, so haven’t paid attention if it needed to be wider, so I guess for me it does not matter.

I think it’s easy enough to change grip as I’ve paid no attention to it. I have the wheel also from OSP, which is a generic leather 320mm wheel. No problem with its quality either.

In general if you have a specific way of holding the wheel where you rely on your thumb moving freely, then it’s probably not the best. But there’s more than enough room for it to hold the wheel. I haven’t been afraid of hurting my precious digits :slight_smile: