Wheel reset centre at start up

Hi all,
Why do i have to reset center of the wheel everytime after start computer.
I have a Mige motor model 130ST

Simcube hardware version Revision 1 (r004)
Simcube firmware version 1.0.30
Configuration tool version 1.0.25
IONI drive firmware version 10718



Erwin Levasier

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What type of encoder do you have, and what is the indexing mode you have set on the Hardware settings tab?

Hi MIka,
The Indexing mode is in reference to initialization, and the encoder we changed that from a low to high, but i dont know how many million
Where could i find that?


Erwin Levasier

The encoder counts per revolution (CPR) setting is visible on the Hardware settings tab.

But the encoder model is not.

As you are using the indexing in reference to initialization, the wheel must be approximately at center when the device is turned on. Also, if you are very unlucky, the center point can fall in just on the limit on the motor magnetic segments, so the phase search routine can go to either side of the magnet at the particular point, and the end position is then different than what it was when you did the Motor Configuration Wizard. Solution to this is to start the system with wheel always at slightly turned left or right and then do the motor configuration wizard in such a way that you set the wheel at that same position (except for the last step where it says to center as accurately as you can).

Hi Mika,
a Biss C encoder ?? if i am correct ?


Erwin Levasier

If it is a biss-c encoder, please run the motor configuration wizard and set the usage of absolute encoder, then it should work without needing the phase search routine at start.

Levi, did you get this fixed?

Hi Dennis, sorry for the late reaction but it is a bit hectic at work so i did not touch the simrig, can i get back on this at a later moment?
Thank for you help and quick respond.



I have not yet managed to set the settings, but if I set the steering wheel at10 degrees, then it comes close but I always have to adjust.

Do configuration again and enable communication sensor

I actually had this same issue that sometimes i noticed that my simucube 1 was losing centering. Both in SImucube configuration software so i needed to set first new center for wheel in Simucube configuration and then recalibrate in Iracing. I have small mige with Biss C encoder.

But i think i noticed what was causing it today.

I am turning power off for nightime (i have remote controlled power plugs) from both VR basestations and also from extra PC case where i have Simucube PSU and boards and also fans.

So when i start my gaming PC and also power up Simcube board it starts to rotate wheel.
Some kind of starting sequnce what wheels seems to be doing perhaps to place it to center where it was left. If i same time when sequence is running start Simucube configuration software centering of wheel goes off.

When i wait some tens of seconds after powering Simcube and Mige and let it run rotate wheel and then start Simucube configuration Tool no centering is lost.

Just answering here as well, that the centering happens in the firmware, so starting the pc side software cannot have any effect.

I had this all the time. I fixed it by unbolting the encoder and rotating it to zero and then retight it in place.

I am also having this issue since the last update. My OSW was from Simracing Bay. Has Sincos Encoder I believe and never had issue before now everytime time i power up its out of position after calibration routine. I have a Fanatec adapter on the shaft from the small mige and it recently failed and replaced with a new one. From reading what you said before is there a chance I mounted the orientation of it in such a position that its bad for it to keep center on restart each time?


I will check if the fix we made last time, also works for SinCos encoders. Can you comment on how many degrees your center is off, when this happens?