Wheel range and presets

F1 games don’t have a possibility to set the wheel range. So I need to do that in TD. I went through a lot of presets and it confuses me. Some have 17nm, some 5.
Should I activate ffb in the game but have the strength as little as possible?

Firstly, when you say wheel range, I think of rotation (1080, 900, etc)

But it seems you are talking about force feedback range.

If that’s the case, then it sounds like what you’re saying is that F1 has an ‘on/off’ switch for force feedback, but not a slider for how much force feedback - is that the case?

If so then yes I think your only option is to lower the max nm force in true drive.

I would start with a very low number - maybe 3-4 - the reason for this is that F1 was likely tested on a low FFB wheel like a logitech - so I’d start there, race a few laps and try to get into a few collisions to see how intense that is - then you can increase to suit your taste.

Sorry dude, my post was a mess. I would like to know what wheel range I should use in TD. Some games have this setting inside the game, but F1 doesn’t. FFB I normally lower in the game to let the sport doing her job.