Wheel out of center position when in Assetto corsa after upgrading to IONI 1.7.4 firmware

Hi all,

My hardware as such:

MiGE 130ST-M10010 with Sin / Cos encode
IoniProHC 25A
PSU 480W

I had no problems with firmware 1.7.2 and 0.98, however, after upgrading to IONI 1.7.4, my wheel keeps getting out of the center position when driving. Anyone experiencing this problem and how do you solve it?


Yes, I have the same problem. Going back to 172 now.

Going back to 172 made it work perfect again.

On 174 it felt like it skipped reading the position for a short while.

Thanks for reporting, we shall investigate.

For time being, please downgrade the IONI firmware. Keep in mind, that the new version does not contain any improvements for current SimuCUBE users, although the new SimpleMotion stuff is interesting and will be implemented to SimuCUBE firmware.

Yup, I had already gone back to 1.7.2

yeah seems like it cant detect the position accurately

and input (drive to host) data contains:
30 bits absolute feedback value

Cool! So finally no limits for abs encoders.

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Yes. But we must make the IONI firmware 100% stable for it first, and then it will take a bit of time to update the latest version of the Simplemotion library to SimuCUBE firmware. The current version of the lib is soon one year old, and quite a bit has changed since then.


Do we have to set it or we only have to update the firmware and the settings will run by itself for the encoders to run at it’s full resolution? Sorry I am asking as I am a newbie to OSW.

It’s not yet implemented. Once it will be implemented - no settings changes would be necessary.

MiGE 130ST-M15015 with Sin / Cos encode
IoniProHC 25A
PSU 480W

Same problem here with 1.7.4

No need to play any game, the problem of lost center occurs simple turnning the wheel

Those that had issues with 1.7.4 IONI firmware, might now want to experiment with 1.7.5 :slight_smile:


Now it works. No more loss of communication.

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Nice, I will download and test also, thanx Mika/Tero!

Holy s*it, 1.7.5 is even better than 1.7.2. In AC the wheel feels silky smooth at 330hz bw, when stepping up to ultimate the details feel so refine but the smoothness remains.

Previously with 1.7.2 and drifting at ultimate bw, the wheel seems to have a stepping effect when doing fine adjusting on the wheel and had to drop to 680 -1000 bw. Now it’s like all smooth but I still feel the details. I finally thought that the sin/cos encoder worked as intended. Thanks GDT!!

Will continue to drive and feedback if there’s any issue.

Ioni 1.7.5 is ok for me on raceroom