Wheel Jerking to the Left or Right When Tires Touch Down in Assetto Corsa Competizione

Hi everyone,

I’m experiencing an issue with my Simucube 2 Pro when I play ACC.

At certain parts of the game, the wheel will violently jerk to the left or right. The worst so far is when you are in the pits, they finish the tire change and it starts when the controls are unlocked or the wheels touch down (not sure which.)

The force at which the wheel moves is more than you experience when you crash and I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this?

I’ve attached my Simucube 2 settings. In ACC my settings are: Gain: 50%, Road Effects: 100%, Frequency: 400Hz, All other settings are at 0%.

Any help is appreciated.

Road Effects at 100%, man you are killing the signal fidelity, plus this is what most likely causing that jerking. Set it to 0.

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This was what was causing the jerking. Turning Road effects to 0% has improved the ffb so much.