Wheel Graphics For Simucube Configuration Tool



Thank you I do have the wheel and not looking for perfection bur what is the best way to take a usable photo for this purpose? Does it need a background? Thanks


Lots of indirect light and camera should point exactly through the Z-axis.
Backdrop makes it easier to “cut out” the steering wheel.


Thanks will try taking the pic somewhere other than my office. So when you say through the Z axis are you saying shoot it straight on from a little bit top center or do you mean sort of offset from bottom towards the top?


Exactly in line with the steering column.


Thank you Dennis I plan to do this when I pull my motor for Biss-C upgrade


little edit to that post (replaced the image). Tried it myself and it looked weird while turning because it wasn’t quite centered on the wheel’s own axis

@staff, maybe with the wireless plug-in, the wheel could be recognized by id and the according image loaded?


That is indeed the plan - oem wheel images will be loaded from our server.