Wheel goes dead when I have an off

Hi. My sport wheel cuts out when I have a small off. I can catch the grass or a kerb and it will cut out. I could just drive back on track if it had not cut out but I assume this is a safety feature that is too sensitive? I go a bit wide and it cits out. I wait like 10 seconds and there a beep and it works again . Any help appreciated

Do you maybe have the “hand off protection” on?
On my Pro I have disabled it. No peep any more. :slight_smile:

Yes the hands off must be disabled

I’m pretty sure it’s not the hands off detection because it is not that sensitive. I drift with hands off detection enabled and haven’t had the FFB cut out on me.

I’d check all cables to the SC2 and PC

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Hi! Please make a support ticket to our system. Also, please click the “Copy Device Identification to Clipboard” button in the last tab in True Drive, and paste the results to me, so we can check the serial number and factory test reports.

Thanks for the reply . I have turned the hands off no and it is still continuing to happen. Last time just hitting a small normal inside raided kerb that you’re supposed to be on.

Thank you. Its off now but this still happens

As someone mentioned before, check all your cables to make sure they are properly connected, especially the power supplies.

Did you end up solving this? I’m having the same issue now. All cables etc are tight, but if I go over a large curb or crash into another car, the FFB goes dead and my SC2pro will reboot itself. I can’t get any more FFB until I restart the game.