Wheel feeling too "light"

I have a question regarding SimuCUBE.

My hardware configuration:
OSW small mige.
Power supply: 480 NDR.
Encoder BISS-C.
Servomotor de 20 Nm Model: 130ST-M10010

How I would expect it to behave:

  • Well. I’ve actually don’t have an issue (or maybe yes), but I feel the wheel too smooth (light, loose) I guess. I can really feel all track bumps and stuff, but I would like to feel the wheel a bit more “heavy or tough”. Is there any way to get that on the setup config?
    Thank you very much.

Show your current profile settings from Simucube Configuration Tool.

There it goes.
I use those for all sims actually.

Damping at 2% perhaps

Try with more power , perhaps 50%

I would add a little bit more strength and friction. Friction increases the feel of weight on the wheel, but compensating a bit with strength would still keep effects coming through.

Hi and thank you all.
I’m gonna try those setting, and I will tell you about it.